Cassio Audi: The Brazilian Paragon of Investment

Cassio Audi is a famous Brazilian investment advisor known for his valuable financial guidance and remarkable business acumen. He enjoys a sizeable experience in investment management and has become a known figure in the world of investment both in Brazil and beyond. Cassio Audi holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from Pontifical Catholic University and an MBA in Finance from Sao Paulo University. The inherent passion in Cassio to be of assistance to others played a crucial role in his decision to choose a career as an investment manager. He always wanted to help those people who, despite having money, do not know where to invest and make a living.


Cassio Audi’s professional career spans over decades during which he worked with different financial investment firms such as JP Morgan Chase, Dow Chemical. Moreover, he has also given financial services in the field of Real Estate.


Cassio Audi has accumulated broad experience in financial and business industries after his long association with different national and international over the last several decades. He has developed a wide range of skills which include Equities Management, Leadership, Project Management, Financial Planning, and Investment Management. Moreover, He also gained an extensive experience in Investor Relations, Entrepreneurship Change and Business Strategy.


As his role as an Investment Manager, Cassio Audi makes different securities for a vast array of his clientele according to the goals of the investments. The securities he creates include bonds, shares, and real estate. Cassio Audi has become a big name in Brazil for his hard work and productive guidance to his clients. Numerous clients have reposed their trust in the investment and managerial intelligence of Cassio Audi. He draws appreciation and respect from a wide range of client institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies, non-profits, educational firms and much more.

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