Eric Pulier Uses His Knowledge Of Technology To Achieve Great Things

Eric Pulier has always had a strong talent for innovating and doing the extraordinary within the field of technology. As of today, he is a highly regarded entrepreneur and public speaker within the industry, with active involvement in philanthropist projects. Since mid 2015, Eric has been working at Stemulis as the company’s Chief Executive.

Since way back in elementary school, Eric has had an interest in technology. He was already learning how to program and code on computers at this age, so you could say he started his career young. Throughout his school Eric always stuck with his interest in technology and showed off his abilities. While still attending high school in New Jersey, Eric even started up his own database business. Following which he wanted to get an even high education by earning a degree at Harvard University.

Eric has founded Desktone, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, and quite a few more so far in his career, all made capable with his expertise in technology. To add to that, he is also a standing member for the Logic Library, acting as an Executive Chairmen as well as Santa Monica Media, where he operates as a Tech Officer. His presence in the technology industry continues to spread today.

On top of his achievements in business and finances, Eric is also actively working to help people around the world in different ways. He does this by trying to find different technological solutions to problems in many different regions. Not only has he made donations to the Starlight Foundation to help children that are effected by chronic conditions, but Eric also spent his time working with Doctors for Africa to help advance the medical services and solutions available.

Clinton Global Initiatives also work with Eric Pulier. As a member he started up his own project for cloud computing by using servers hosted on the internet and collecting data from their networks. This allows for access to information from all over, which is much better being stuck to local data and needing more computers per individual.