Greg Secker’s position in the Forex trading industry

If you have been following and reading forex news, then Greg Secker should be a familiar name to you. He is in the current position among the well-known movers and shakers in the foreign trading industry. Greg has always played a pivotal role in all new members starting their career in forex.

This is through his guidance and helpful offerings a factor that has made him the most commonly known leader in the industry. When questioned about his helpful heart, Greg confirms it is through it that he has been able to rise to the position he is today. As a way of extending his helpful ideas, he has gone ahead to establish companies that offer helpful information and resources to both new and existing members of forex

Back to his history, Greg was born in Norfolk, England. He joined the University of Nottingham in his teenage where he graduated with a degree in agriculture and food science. Immediately after the completion of his course, he embarked to perfect his career where he landed his first job at Thomas Cook Financial Services.

It is his engagement with this company that he acquired his very first experience and even gave him the gate through to the foreign exchange market industry. His influence on forex was experienced right since he was a new member. This was through his contributions to the development of the online forex trading platform and the Virtual Trading Desk which is currently commonly known as VTD.

In his initial years of joining the trading company, he was working for other traders who had an earlier and better establishment. It never took long before he decided to establish his trading venture. The venture has since then established and grown to a Learn to trade platform that has facilitated training to more than 200,000 members aspiring to join the forex platform.

As part of the developments in his home venture, he developed the SmartCharts software that is currently renowned as the most intuitive and effective forex trading software on the market. According to Greg Secker, the idea to develop the software was to provide resourceful and right information on how to rise in the industry.