Highland Capital takes their giving to the next level

James Dondero is one of the most important people in the financial industry. In the early nineties, James founded Highland Capital Management in Dallas. Highland Capital started as a boutique agency in North Texas, but throughout the nineties, they steadily grew to a highly influential firm. James and his firm pride themselves on offering the best possible financial products. During the nineties, James Dondero was an extremely innovative leader throughout the marketplace. They unveiled numerous amazing financial products, including hedge funds, CLOs, and other great products. James is proud of Highland Capital’s accomplishments, but he knows he would not accomplish anything without the help of the Dallas community. James knows he needs to give back to Dallas.

James Dondero loves Dallas, and his firm has been giving back to the community for years. Recently, Highland Capital’s giving reached new highs and James knew that he needed help managing the giving. James wanted to maximize the efficiency of his giving. He started working on finding a partner to help Highland Capital take their giving to the next level.

James searched for partners throughout the Dallas area, but the eventual answer was obvious. His search took him to Mary Jalonick of the Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation is known for their charitable giving and they are masters at efficiency. They sat down with Dondero and worked on a plan to take Highland’s charitable giving to the next level.

Mary and James worked together on a new charitable giving framework that would help the firm give more than $3 million a year to charities throughout the Dallas area.

The Highland Dallas Foundation has become very effective. It gives generously to causes throughout Dallas including education, health care, veterans’ issues, and other important causes. James is proud of the new steps that Highland Capital is taking.

Giving back is extremely important and James is proud of the new steps his company has taken. He believes that Highland Capital will take their giving to the next level in the coming years.

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The Role of the Management Team in the Success of DIVERSANT, LLC

DIVERSANT, LLC is a leading IT staffing solutions provider owned by African-Americans. The company is an IT giant when it comes to the provision of a broad spectrum of accessible IT staffing solutions and a collection of innovative products such IT staffing augmentation, cutting-edge diversity solutions, and direct hire. Since its launch, the firm has shown a strong commitment to fulfilling the demands of its customers, affiliates, and communities by developing and implementing remarkable policies.

Top leaders

Gene C. Waddy

Gene is the CEO of DIVERSANT, LLC. He has been instrumental in the dramatic growth of the firm, even in times of economic downturn. The company has created an excellent reputation with the 500 Fortune firms. Gene has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is a dedicated philanthropist and supports many community-based nonprofits.

Jim Yoshimura

Yoshimura’s areas of expertise are in consulting, staffing, and IT sector. As the COO of DIVERSANT, LLC, he offers leadership and insights to help the company to grow and attain financial stamina and operational excellence.

Advisory Board

DIVERSANT’S Advisory Board consists of veteran executives, who do not participate in managing the daily operations of the firm. Their primary role is to offer strategic advice on issues revolving around commercial growth and strategic planning.

Principal John Goullet

John Goullet is a celebrated IT Tech Staffing expert, investor, and talented entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Ursinus College. His first career debut was an IT consultant but switched to IT staffing executive. John founded his firm (Info Technologies) in 1994 and served as the CEO up to 2010. His business specialized in studying the business environment and customers’ IT staffing needs. It also provided IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 firms across the nation. In less than a decade, John had grown Info Technologies to $30 million.

Later on, Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. combined their businesses to create DIVERSANT, LLC. This merge enabled the newly formed company to expand its operation and develop innovative IT staffing solutions. Today, John serves as Executive Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC, and he is responsible for innovating unique IT staffing solutions to meet the demands of the highly growing firm’s client base.

Highland Capital Management under James Dondero – A Story of a Philanthropist

Highland capital management is a name well known in the area of investment management. The company is based in Dallas. It has many years of familiarity in alternative asset management. The company’s president and co-founder James Dondero applies the proactive approach in his management style in his philanthropic efforts.

The company is registered as an investment consultant, with roughly 18 billion dollars of assets under its organization. It is one of the leading alternative credit management organizations in the world. Its areas of specialization include credit hedge funds. Collateralized loan obligation, special and distressed situation, private equity and large- only accounts. Other investment services offered by the firm include emerging markets, natural resources, and short/long equities. The company also operates offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, New York and Singapore.

The firm has been on the lookout for a partner who would manage his budget allocated for charity. Their search came to an end when they formed a partnership with Dallas foundation. The foundation has existed in the Dallas state for decades. It has mainly been serving non-profit agencies and donors. In an article published on the foundation’s website, James had reportedly stated that the partnership would help them manage their charity budget that had grown to an excess of 3 million dollars. Mary Japonica and Dondero looked at the available strategies that would be more effective in solving the challenges that the people of Dallas are facing. The partnership led to the formation of Highland Dallas foundation Inc., whose main aim was to support Dallas foundation.

He is the head and partner of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years practice in equity and credit market. He majors primarily on distressed and high-yield investments. Dondero is also the chairman of cornerstone healthcare, Eubank and CCS medical.

He has also served as a board member of MGM studios and American banknote. Mr. Dondero is a well-known philanthropist who supports initiatives in veteran’s affairs, education and public policy. Before HCM, he assisted in building GIC, which is a subsidiary of protective life. This is a recap of an article published on http://www.highlandcapital.com/james-dondero/

Positive Trading Work Enviroment: Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando started his financial career at the Chicago Merchantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. For seven years, he continued his work with the Chicago Board of Trade until he decided to start Chopper Trading in 2003. He wanted to change the atmosphere in which his brokers work. When he started the company, he made sure his hiring process was lengthy, to ensure that everyone they hired was a team player and wanted to bring positivity. His office is equipped with table tennis, pool, weights, and other activities to help his employees wind down after work. They tend to hang out after work too. He wants to look at it as a marriage, hoping his employees stay through to retirement.

Their recruiters go to fairs and other hiring places to look for those who would be a good fit for the team. He doesn’t want anyone who will look down the road and regret their decision to come work for Chopper. Their desire is to hire to retire. Fernando brings his experience to his company and desires to make it what he wants. Traders have a mix of technical and personality skills, so it makes it difficult to come up with a list of set traits. Fernando wants his recruiters to look for those who can improve his company.

He does invest time and money into charitable causes. He is a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Council on Global affairs. He is an active fundraiser for the Democratic Party. Raj Fernando sold his company in 2015 to start scoutahead.com, which is a site for reviews and surveys for people and institutions.

John Goullet Contributions in the IT Department

Diversant is a certified minority held company that is found in the US. Diversant boasts for being the biggest American African information technology staffing firm in the globe. Diversant offers its clients from all parts of the world a wide range of qualified staff in the IT sector. The institution is also known for giving consumers a wide range of solutions.

Diversant has done quite well in the growing and competitive information technology industry. The company is believed to have beaten most of its competitors because of its different way of operating. The institution always tries to maintain a high level of operational standards, especially when selecting the staff it sends to its clients. Diversant also performs all its operations with very high levels of integrity, following all the rules and regulations laid out by the authorities. This discipline has enabled the company to attract a wide range of clientele from different parts of the world, becoming very successful.

John Goullet name is recognized in the information technology world. He is a principle in Diversant, and he has several businesses in the world. He is a professional in the IT world, and he has worked in the industry for many years, acquiring a lot of experience. In his entire career, Goullet has been in charge of several that specialize in the IT department, and they have been successful under his leadership.

John Goullet began working in the Information Technology sector at the consultation level many years ago, just after completing his education. In the consultation level, John worked for several years and in the year 1994, he decided to join the staffing department. Because he has a lot of knowledge in the industry, John’s new venture was quite successful, and his company, referred to as Info Technologies recorded a huge grown.

Info Technologies, under the leadership of John Goullet has been a successful staffing firm in the country. The staffing company offers its services to hundreds of institutions in the country. The company has also earned a lot of revenue since it was started, and it is considered one of the fastest ventures in the country.

Women to the Top: Susan McGalla

For many women and for many decades, the rise to the top of the corporate ladder has been a difficult one. However, the percentage of women who are working outside of the home and who are making successful careers is steadily increasing. Now, more than ever, there are more women who are becoming the primary breadwinners in the household. It is also fair to mention that a majority of these women are also running successful households simultaneously.

When it comes to the business sector, women can be some of the greatest of motivators on facebook.com. Because the need for women’s equality has been a driving force in the workplace for so long, there are a great deal of women who stand united in supporting one another and are determined to see each other be successful on post-gazette.com. Often women bring a sense of energy, communication, and spirit to a business or corporation that is not sensed by any other. For most, there is a drive and a need to give it their all because this is what they and their generations before them have worked so hard for.

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One of the most exuberant skills that a women possesses in the work field is her ability to earn trust and her ability to apply compassion when it is needed. These are two significant and important reasons as to why women are steadily on the rise in the corporate world and are simply just becoming more successful. Knowing that the rise to the top is not just handed to you and that you must work hard and be dedicated to your field is none other than the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC, Susan McGalla. This consulting firm is located in Pittsburgh, PA where McGalla is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the National Football League team Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, women like Susan McGalla do not just become the founder of their own company by lying low. With her extensive knowledge in retail and her excellent business skills, Susan McGalla has persevered and has been able to earn multiple reputable positions at such companies as American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal. In turn, this has pushed her to reach higher places. See: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Susan_McGalla_photo.jpg

Mike Baur, a Leading Swiss Entrepreneur Launches the Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur launched the Swiss Start Up Factory in the year 2014, in partnership with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. It is a first of its kind in the country. The Start Up program is headquartered in Zurich but has roots in Switzerland and all over the world. Swiss Start Up Factory aims at helping highly talented digital entrepreneurs develop their ideas by offering them supports in all aspects including, marketing, accounting, financing and even product development.

A few times every year, the Swiss Start Up Factory starts a new program where applicants undergo a challenging interview process before the can pass for the program. The program poses exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world. With the challenging interviewing process, the program is able to recruit entrepreneurs with a high chance of success as an entrepreneur.

The Swiss Factory Start up Factory contracts Michael Hartweg, one of the most successful businessmen and Leonteg, who is one of the co-founders of the program. Together, they offer consultation to the upcoming entrepreneurs. They also get management services from the company.

Swiss Start Up Factory Services

After successfully enrolling for the program, the applicants benefit from a number of services. They are able to get access to free office spaces, financing, coaching and even mentoring.

About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss- based entrepreneur and businessman. He is also the co-founder and currently the CEO of the Swiss Start-p Factory. He is responsible for raising funds and funding all rounds of the Swiss Start-up Factory. Before co-founding Swiss Start-up Factory, Mike Baur had over 20 years of experience in the banking industry. He had worked with the Swiss Bank Private Sector. At the Swiss Private Bank, he started out as an apprentice, but with hard work, he climbed up the ladder and gained a seat as a board member of the bank.

Baur has a very solid education background. He attained his Master’s in Business Administration Degree from the University of Rochester, New York. He also graduated with an executive MBA from Bern University. Having a keen interest in education has led him to supporting various education projects. He also mentors the youth and advocates that they take education seriously. He insists on the importance of education in entrepreneurship.

George Soros And His Predictions

George Soros is most known for his constant predictions and billions of dollars to show proof of what he knows. He is sometimes wrong with what he shares, but you will find that his prediction right now is almost on the spot and immensely correct. The turmoil that took place very recently is something that Soros calls, “very reminiscent of 2008.” The near -5 percent decline within the stock market took place. It’s safe to say that this drop is very much similar to 2008 and that year’s lack of growth.

There are a fewer reasons as to why this new year will not repeat the same disastrous results found back in 2008. It all comes down to the numbers. $225 trillion dollars is the same amount of money that is in debt both back in 2008 as it is in this year. This is based off of global debt in general. Debt actually increased by more than $57 trillion dollars towards the end of 2014.

A variety of analysts have explained that they believe the 40 year debt super cycle can finally end in this year or the next. The end of this debt could eventually cause a decline in several financial markets. If Soros is right with his prediction on Uncommon Wisdom Daily, you will soon discover that the policymakers are imply going to try to desperately inject the financial system with more cash. For Kenneth Rogoff, who is a successful economist at Harvard University and is most known for his research analysis on debt, has discovered that most central banks have room to check their balance sheets and manage any crisis.

Will the market get worse? Is the economy going to drop the way it did back in 2007 and 2008? The truth is that the financial market is doing well for most people, and many people throughout the United States are living somewhat comfortably without worrying about another recession. There is money to be made in the world today despite all the debt.

Anybody looking to get into any investing will find that it’s better to keep the money and save it while making sure that you find a financial advisor to recommend where to put your money. It pays off to have a plan in action and to know what your goals are. George recommends being immensely cautious and only investing in the right markets. You will surely succeed in the long run if you are careful with your money and investments.



George Soros, the founder of Open Society Foundations,is a man with a great history and a reputation that precedes him. He is known to the world as “the man who broke the Bank of England”. This was a title he earned after he made a speculation on a single currency and gained $1 billion in a day while he had stood to lose $10 billion.

Soros is more than just an investment mogul. He is known as the Chairman of the Open Society Foundations. He founded this network of partners and projects back in 1979 based on his dream of an open society. Soros was convinced that society ought to be open such that it respected the rights of every individual member and ensured no single individual had a monopoly of the truth. An open society was also one where the government was held accountable by the people. Soros worked hard to build such a society through his foundations.

Soros’ story begins in Budapest, Hungary on August 12, 1930. When he was only 13 years old, the Nazi Germany occupied his home country and barred all Jewish children, like Soros, from attending school. In 1945, he survived the Battle of Budapest and went on to join the London School of Economics in 1947. He graduated in 1951 with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and earned his Ph.D. 3 years later at the same institution.

Soros managed to secure a few jobs before moving to the United States. A few years in, he quit his job and started his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. As the chairman, Soros was able to run the fund successfully and within two decades, it ranked among the world’s top hedge funds. Soros, however, desired to focus his time and money elsewhere and thus stepped back from the daily management of the fund. He chose to focus on philanthropic ventures as well as political activism.

Soros managed to impact the lives of millions of people around the globe through the Open Society Foundations. He was able to weaken Communism in the Eastern Bloc, supported cultural exchange with the West and even provided support for independent organizations including the European Council on Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Group, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

His passion for political activism also inspired him to come up with a solution for the asylum chaos affecting the European states. He is also involved in current lawsuits that attack diverse measures within the election process that the Democrats feel are restricting voter access. Soros proudly associates himself with this lawsuit which he sees as a means to get rid of unfair laws that often disproportionately affect society’s most vulnerable people – the minorities, the poor and the young.

Soros is a philanthropic man with great political views that have gained worldwide acclamation for their accuracy, effectiveness and pragmatism. He has given back to his society by standing up against controversial issues that affect society as a whole. He is a pillar of success and a role model to many young entrepreneurs the world over.


A Closer Look at the Newly Appointed Coriant CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

When it comes to thriving in unfamiliar territories, there is no one who does it better than Shaygan Kheradpir. He is a world-renowned technology and business executive who has held top positions in various corporations. Shaygan brings together the best outcome in the worlds of technology and business. In his career that spans over 28 years, Shaygan has developed software and applications that have changed how products and services are delivered across various sectors of the economy. His expertise is not limited to technology; he is also credited for designing strategies that have turned around financial performances of the companies that he has previously worked for.

Shaygan has an upper edge against executives who specialize in one area of management on ireport.cnn.com. The other element that sets him apart from other executives is his education background. Shaygan Kheradpir is a PhD holder in electric engineering from the prestigious Cornell University. He also attained his bachelors and masters in electrical engineering from the same institution. His technical background has always played an integral role in informing his ability to solve complex business dilemmas. In the various corporations that he has worked, Shaygan has always built a strong team capable of delivering outstanding results that have transformed various industries.

Presently, Shaygan Kheradpir is the chief executive officer of Coriant, a leading vendor of optical transport systems. At Coriant, Shaygan also serves as the chairman of the board. He replaced Pat DiPieto. Pat relinquished his roles as the president as well as chief executive officer to return to the parent company of Coriant, where Shaygan served as the CEO. Before joining Coriant, Shaygan had a successful spell as the chief executive officer of Juniper Networks. At Juniper Networks, he developed an effective cost cutting and restructuring system called Integrated Operating Plan.

Shaygan spent the early stages of his career in Boston at the GTE Labs where he performed duties on network routing, management as well as control. He rose through the ranks and became the leader of the software systems lab. Shaygan led his team in the development of TONICS, a network management system that incorporates infrastructure, transmission as well as switching functions. It was the first of its kind in the United States. In the year 2000, GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon. To this end, Shaygan moved to New York to become the head of e-business unit for the newly formed company. He later became the chief information officer of Verizon. Shaygan modernized the company’s platforms based on web technologies. He also developed FiOS, one of the biggest infrastructure initiatives in the United States

At the beginning of 2011, Shaygan joined the leading global bank, Barclays, in the United Kingdom. He started working as the chief operating officer before becoming the chief of operations and technology for the entire global operations of the bank. He led in the production of innovative products such as Cloudit. His executive experience in the fields of telecom, financial services, and technology make him one of the best executives.