Fabletics Uses Innovative Technique to Emerge as Top Retailer

The fashion retailer Fabletics has been able to establish itself as arguably the top retailer of women’s apparel. In its few years of existence, it has proven to be a market leader in providing a wide range of women’s athletics apparel. Since Amazon controls almost 20% of the market share in the fashion industry, it is quite difficult for any retailer to reach high levels of success. However Fabletics has been able to make a lot of progress towards becoming a major retailer in the industry. In order to get a considerable amount of market share in the fashion industry and become very competitive, the company has used an innovative technique. Fabletics uses the reverse showroom technique where they establish a relationship with customers before they visit their physical locations.


With the reverse showroom technique, Fabletics has been in position to promote its products and makes sales online and then have consumers visit their locations. This technique emphasizes consumers taking advantage of subscriptions and discounts on a regular basis. When a consumer is looking to purchase apparel from Fabletics, they will make a purchase and then sign up for a subscription where they purchase merchandise at discount prices. This allows consumers to get a number of products from Fabletics on a regular basis and establish a steady relationship with the company. So far, this business model has been very effective in giving Fabletics a considerable edge in the fashion industry.


Another aspect of the reverse showroom technique by Fabletics is allowing consumers to visit store locations with a previous history of making purchases. Compared to other retailers, Fabletics has an easier time making sales and providing incentives to consumers. The customers of Fabletics already have access to these incentives so they are able to take advantage of them immediately. They are in position to know about the latest discounts as well as taking advantage of the latest discount prices that Fabletics offers to them.


Kate Hudson who founded Fabletics is quite amazed and happy about the progress of her company. Despite being a young company, it has established itself as one of the more successful and innovative in the fashion industry. When she started the company, Hudson wanted to develop stylish athletic apparel that is comfortable and that comes at an affordable price. She was able to reach this goal as Fabletics immediately became a sensation. With the success of her company, Kate looks to build on it and continue providing women with the most stylish and affordable athletic apparel available.