Ambassador Work in association with Daniel Taub

Being an ambassador is a task for great citizens. It comes with mandatory sacrifices that one has to make. The greatest one is to leave your country. Only great minds can handle this job. As an ambassador, you represent each of your citizens in the foreign land.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the external countries understand your policies. You also have to understand their systems and culture. With this knowledge, you can finally pursue the ultimate goal of bringing the two countries closer.

Daniel Taub has been the ambassador of Israel to London for four years. In the four years, a lot of changes has taken place. The economy of the two countries has greatly improved. The bilateral trade between Israel and Britain is $7 million annually. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

This has improved the lifestyle of the citizens. On top of that, Israeli has established 300 businesses in Britain. This has increased the variety of products in Britain, employment opportunities and quality production of goods.

This has been made possible by the peace and diplomatic relationships that the countries have developed. When nations are existing peacefully, investors are confident. This is because they are assured that their resources are safe.

The excellent relationship between the countries is well seen in the cultural exchange and lifestyles. The two nations have blended in together.

At the farewell party, Daniel Taub is grateful for the cooperation of the two countries. He says it made his work easier. He also mentions that his work was noble and gave him a good feeling. He says that to Israel, Britain is not only a historic country.

He says that Britain is the wealthiest country in the Universe. This is why he feels the privilege to have been amidst the people who helped resolve issues between the two states.

Daniel Taub recalls four years ago when he went to submit his documents to the Queen. She asked him how he would feel representing a state he had hardly lived for 30 years. She understood that this meant that he had to lose his British citizenship.

Daniel Taub told the queen that she was happy to serve the two countries. He saw it as a sign of appreciation. Bringing the two nations together was the least he could do. He was also happy to have a chance to bring up his children in their historic world.

Everyone is sad to see Daniel Taub leave. His replacement is yet to be known.

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