How to Find a Renowned Business Litigation Lawyer

If circumstances require you to get involved in a legal dispute, you will need to find a lawyer. A good layer will take steps to protect your rights and seek favorable resolution.

Not all lawyers in Brazil have the expertise to handle your type of case.Finding a good lawyer should not be overwhelming if you take it step by step. There are many lawyers out there, but you need to find one that offers the type of representation you need.

Start by researching lawyers on Lawyers’ directories. Also consult other reputable sources of information such as bar associations for a list of qualified lawyers. These sources often have a database of lawyers and their background details, making it easy for anyone to find the type of lawyer they need.

It is necessary that your lawyer work together with you throughout the legal process, so make sure you choose someone you can get along with. With a reputable and reliable lawyer like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a top Brazilian lawyer, on your side, you can have confidence that your legal matter will be handle appropriately.

Ricardo Tosto has been in practice for more than 22 years and focuses on business and commercial litigation. He is a popular lawyer in Brazil, and has helped both startups and experienced business people comply with the law and regulations that affect their enterprise. He has also been catering to corporations and multinational companies, the government sector, institutions, politicians and private individuals that need his expertise.

Ricardo Tosto is also a great negotiator and will always try to resolve the matter through negotiation. But if that is not going to work, he is not reluctant to go to trial and will fight for you to obtain a favorable outcome for your case. He will not be pushed around because of his unique style, both in negotiations and in courtroom. Ricardo Tosto is good at making smart financial and legal decisions and guiding his clients to a successful outcome. He gives his clients confidence, and assure them that their case is in trusted hands.

Ross Martin Abelow Starts Fundraiser to Help Area Animal Shelters

A fundraiser benefit has been started by New York attorney Ross Martin Abelow. This fundraiser has a goal to raise over $5000 for help area shelters with medical costs, food and even blankets for the homeless animals.

There are so many animals in need as the dangerous winter temperatures plummet resulting in many animals left with no visible means of shelter or to just keep warm. Whether they are faced with lack of financial resources or space by the shelters, these animals are not likely to survive without the help of caring individuals like Ross Abelow. Abelow’s hopes his efforts will help to keep more animals in the shelters to avoid these tragic events from happening.

Across the country, over 15 million animals are brought to area shelters every year, and only about 25% of them are placed in forever homes. For the poor unfortunate ones that do not find homes, they are put to sleep. With the area shelters being overrun, and the winter weather conditions, the number of animals that simply do not survive may reach an even higher percentage.

The leading cause of the overwhelming amount of pets being homeless is the rapid reproduction that is now providing a higher rate of survival of these animals. Another factor is the commercial breeding trade that has caused over-breeding and many cases of neglect by the owners and breeders.

Ross Abelow has been a long time resident of New York and received his license to practice law back in 1990 from the State of New York. After attending New York’s State University as an undergrad, Abelow obtained his law degree in 1998 from the Brooklyn Law School.

His specialty has always been focused around family law, including matrimonial law as well as commercial litigation and entertainment. Over his 26 year career in handling clients, he was made a partner in the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro, LLP.

This fundraiser was established by Abelow in order to prevent unnecessary animal deaths and provide a longer term residence at area shelters for these animals. This will allow the shelters, additional time and resources to find forever homes for these homeless animals.