Dating Apps: The Awkwardness and The Safety

After going through two very short lived relationships my first semester of college, I started feeling bad about myself in the dating world. I was never in a relationship before my first semester of college and didn’t know what a wanted in a potential suitor. So, I started my search for the potential Mr. Right using dating apps on my phone.

The first app I used was the most common dating app that every college student has used at least once: Tinder. I’ve used Tinder once or twice, but the results have often come out as negative. I am very picky with my men to begin with and was constantly swiping left on the app. Many of the potential single men looking for a lady were often very unattractive or unsuitable to my tastes. There were many male friends of mine who were also using the app to find a girl of their own, which also added to the amount of awkwardness from using Tinder. After a while, I thought of Tinder as extremely overrated.

Skout on skoutorganic, the second dating app that I used, was a much better substitute to Tinder. For starters, Skout bans the use of bathroom selfies (I felt that the bathroom selfies added on to the awkwardness that was Tinder). Also, Skout didn’t just focus on being a “dating app.” It focused on increasing your social circle in general, not just trying to find a potential suitor. Plus, Skout aims to protect their users from any potential harm and prevents minors (those under 18) from signing up. A good call on their part and is much more tame than Tinder’s wild style of left swipes and right swipes.

Eventually, I gave up on the online and cell phone dating world in order to focus more on building myself as a stronger individual. But, to those who continue to use dating apps in order to find either their “future soulmate” or a “one night stand,” I give you my words of advice.

Things will get awkward on dating apps. Someone will post inappropriate photos of themselves just to feel like he or she is cool. You will bump into someone that you’ve met on campus and think to yourself “That person uses Tinder?”

But the most important thing to take away from this is to be careful. What might look attractive to you on Tinder might not look as attractive in real life. In fact, that user might not even be who you think at all as there are still many predators out there using apps to lure young girls and women and take them away from society. Dating apps like Skout help prevent predators from doing so. Be smart and know your right from your wrong.

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