Jubilation of the Election Results by Avaaz Activists

On May 8, not even the rains could deter France activists from celebrating their victory in the elections. At the same time, their allies were marking the day when they triumphed in World War II. On the fateful day, the activists gathered at the renowned Eiffel Tower. 88-year-old Elie Buzyn was not left behind in the gathering. Mr. Buzyn was a survivor at the Auschwitz camp. He urged the people to continue being of help to the President. At the same time, he asked the activist to help curb extremism.

About Extremism

Elie recalls the day when the German forces submitted like it was yesterday. At the same time, he vividly remembers the fateful day when his family was driven to Auschwitz camp by the Nazi Government. At the time, Elie was a young boy, aged 15 years and after a while, his parents died. He was then obliged to work as a masonry. Before the death of his mother, he promised her that he would fight back against dictatorship and oppression.

Before the arrival of the Russians in the year 1945, Elie was one of the captives who was moved to a different camp. He was forced to move across a snowy environment to get to Buchenwald. Interesting to note, freedom came knocking at his door when World War II came to a halt. It was at that time when he got the chance to leave Germany and conduct a search for his extended family in the country of France. Buzyn also stayed in Israel for a few years before deciding to settle in France permanently. He then enrolled in schools and later became a doctor.

It was a breathtaking moment for most people when Marine Le Pen failed the presidential elections. People voted in Emmanuel Macron as he was against racial victimization and other negative vices. People that attended the celebrations preached for peace, vigilance as well as unity among people.

More about Avaaz

Avaaz is a group of activists whose offices are located in New York. Its main goal is facilitating campaigns worldwide. The group also focuses on issues such as climate change, animal rights, armed conflicts, and economic concerns. In about 200 countries, the group has about 40 million people. The workforce uses around 15 languages to communicate to the members.

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