Security for Securus

Securus Technologies, and information technology corporation based out of Dallas Texas, has recently been under fire by GTL. GTL claims that Securus has lost its patent rights to many of its products, something that would mean that most of their technology and research conducted would become open game for other businesses within the industry. This has been a topic of conversation for a few months now, and it has recently been released that these accusations are inaccurate and that Securus is not in danger whatsoever of losing its patent rights to its products. This research is based upon internal Securus personnel studies, as well as information gathered by third-party sources. Securus Technologies is an important company in that it provides communications solutions to individuals currently serving time within the United States penal system. They produce software programs, which are often free and available on mobile devices, both Android and Apple, that provide seamless streaming video conferencing technology so that inmates can effectively communicate with their loved ones and family members. Had Securus lost the rights to these products, their company would not only be the ones that would be suffering as a result, but there loyal customer base would as well. Many family members and inmates rely on Securus technology to keep in touch with one another, as physical visitation rights are often met with poor timing and a lack of actual time to meet with each other face-to-face. View the company profile on


Since these accusations of patent laws have been deemed inaccurate comma Securus can continue business as normal, providing their customers with excellent quality products and reliable services. Their company is a beacon of hope within the information technology sector, meaning Securus is not only an information and security company but also a humanitarian industry that gladly and happily supports its customers.


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