The Wild and Innovative Career of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the prevalent tech entrepreneurs in Los Angeles right now. His work on a variety of different projects has made him something of a name within a field that is always looking for the next big thing. Eric Pulier hasn’t become a household name yet but that doesn’t mean his work hasn’t gotten global recognition. Let’s dig deep into the wide and varied career of one of our favorite tech entrepreneurs, Eric Pulier.

Philanthropic Endeavors
To really take a measure of a man you can look at the projects that he does with no anticipation of financial reward. Eric Pulier has never hesitated to get involved in philanthropy and some of his philanthropic projects have made waves around the world. Two particular areas that Pulier has been focused on is poverty and children who suffer from chronic illness. Pulier works with the Painted Turtle summer camp which is a camp for chronically ill children. He also has worked with Starbright World, a special social media platform for children suffering from illness to connect and develop relationships.

Pulier’s other philanthropic arm is focused on the XPrize Foundation which was created to help committed entrepreneurs who lacked opportunity to find a way to bring their ideas to reality. These entrepreneurs are given a platform to develop their ideas and a potential audience to take them to the next level. XPrize focuses on innovative technology within several important areas facing our world including technology, poverty, and climate related issues.

Commercial Projects
Eric Pulier has been working inside the tech world of Los Angeles since the early ’90s. Since joining the city he has worked on a variety of different projects. His focus early on was with People Doings Things, a company that focused on healthcare and education while making both more available for those in poverty.

Nowadays Eric Pulier is focused on his work with vAtomic Systems — a mobile communications company. vAtomic Systems focuses on bringing merchandising out of digital applications, thus merging the mobile digital market with the real world — a marketplace that has been steadily growing for years.

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