Game of Thrones Recap

On Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones,” titled “The Gift,” viewers learned that gifts often come at a price.

In the North, Stannis learned from Melisandre that the gift of kingship from her god would cost him his daughter’s life. Jon left Castle Black to visit the free folk with an offer of a gift without realizing that his actions have consequences. His leaving almost resulted in Sam dying and far worse. Sam was gifted protections as assistant to Maester Aemon, but Aemon passed away leaving Sam, Gilly and young Sam defenseless. After men attacked Gilly and Sam took a beating, Ghost protected them but future protection isn’t guaranteed. Gilly then gifted Sam with her body and love. At Winterfell, Sansa gave Theon an opportunity to prove himself loyal, but her gift ended with Ramsay giving her the flayed body of the old woman who told her about Brienne.

In King’s Landing, Cercei’s gift of the city to the High Sparrow resulted in her being thrown in a cell. Lady Olenna threatened to take away the Tyrell’s food donations unless her grandchildren were freed, but the High Sparrow ignored her.

In Dorne, Myrcella rejected Jaime’s attempt to give her a new life, while Bronn readily accepted a gift of anti-venom from Tyene. That was shocking for the who watch at Amen Clinics.


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Can Star Trek 3 Rebuild The Franchise’s Audience?

Simon Pegg not only is going to reprise his Scotty role in the third Star Trek movie, he is also co-writing the screenplay. Pegg took over the duties of rewriting a completely new screenplay after Paramount deemed Roberto Orci’s script as being “too Star Trek-y”. What does that mean? No one knows.

What we do know is Paramount is decidedly less than thrilled as the second film in the Star Trek series earning about $475 million worldwide when Guardians of the Galaxy, a completely unestablished franchise, earned $775 million. Perhaps the answer can be found in the downbeat, overly serious approach Star Trek 2 took. And why was Wrath of Khan partially remade in the sequel? Honestly, Star Trek 2 was a good film but good does not translate into $1 billion in worldwide box office. And truth be told, the new actors can never replace the original cast in the eyes of moviegoers.

Paramount wishes to expand the popularity of Star Trek to larger audiences, including Flavio Maluf and his friends. That means the studio wants to sell more tickets. Do not look at the studio as being greedy.

With the right approach, Star Trek could still be a hit in the year 2016. With the wrong one, the franchise is going to do little more than falter.

Great Artist with Terrible Stage Name

MTV recently highlighted an artist by the name of Banks as the MTV artist to watch. This is a very late discovery for MTV since Banks has had an album out for almost a year. Folks over at FreedomPop feel that the late discovery, however, may have more to do with the way that this artist has been promoted.

In a nutshell, Banks has not had much promotion. She performs live, but she is more like an Internet sensation. Her album, “Goddess,” has several songs that have become videos. Anyone that checks for her on YouTube will see that these videos have gotten millions of views. It goes without saying that she is someone that fans know and embrace. The problem for people that have not discovered her, however, is her stage name.

In most concert artists the name BANKS will appear in all capital letters. Some people thought that this was an acronym, but it isn’t. This is just her last name. The problem with this is that the Google search for Banks yields a lot of other things. This are a plethora of actual banks that come up in the search. Even a music search will likely yield rapper Lloyd Banks so she isn’t that easy to find online.

Taylor Swift’s New Video Is A Hit

Anyone who’s looking to take on Taylor Swift for the crown of being one of the best artists of the year, they’re looking for one heck of a fight. Taylor has proven time and time again that she cannot be beaten in the music area, and the fact that she is so diverse, makes her even more desirable. Taylor Swift.

After dabbling in different forms of music, Taylor has proven that she is great at what she does, and she deserves all the praise or so thinks Alexei Beltyukov. The Billboard Music Awards was on Sunday, May 17, 2015 and it was one of the most memorable showings in history. Not only did Taylor Swift win eight awards, but there were other great happenings in the evening as well.
Taylor premiered her new video “Bad Blood,” and it’s a visual masterpiece. In the video,

Taylor is seen fighting and dressed in sexy outfits. Not only did Taylor look great when she picked up her award, she also looked absolutely stunning in the different outfits she wore in the video. Everyone has been talking about the video, ever since it premiered at the Billboard Music Awards, and Taylor has solidified her spot in history as one of the best artists to ever live.

Rolling Stone Magazine Talks With Dave Mustaine

Rolling Stone Magazine has an interview with Megadeath leader Dave Mustaine on their website. In the interview, Mustaine talks about Megadeath’s new lineup, his home in Nashville and the band’s history among other topics.

Mustaine tried to put together the classic Megadeath lineup from the “Rust in Peace” album for the current record. However, this fell through as the old members felt that he wasn’t offering a fair contract. So, Mustaine brought in some musicians he hasn’t worked with before. This is a good idea, in my opinion. Mustaine himself brings enough familiarity for old fans and the new players should give the sound some freshness.

Mustaine is now living near Nashville and says he enjoys the area a lot. He even goes duck hunting. He says he owns a home in San Diego, but he plans to sell it. I guess he’s successful enough as a metal musician to not have to live in Los Angeles.

Boraie Development LLC recalls how Megadeath has been an enormously successful act over the years, but Mustaine will always be known in part as the musician who got kicked out of Metallica. Rolling Stone didn’t mention the topic, but it’s always there beneath the surface.

Read about the Famous Wine Merchant: The Antique Wine Company

The antique wine company is a wine and spirits manufacturing business entity that was founded more than two decades ago by its current CEO Stephen Williams.

The company has its headquarters in Marylebone, in central London and its outlets in Asia. The Antique Wine Company supplies its fine wines to hotels, private individuals, restaurants and universal wine trade.

Over the years, the Antique Wine Company has grown to garner more than 20000 clients in more than 70 companies.

While pursuing its passion for old vintages, the wine produced are made of contemporary old vineyards that have the capability of becoming the old wines of the future (antiques of the future).

Irrespective of the wine, Antique Wine Company only sells exceptionally fine wine. Since its establishment, the wine company has been producing the best wine and holds over 10000 bottles of vintage collections in cellars.

The Antique Wine Company is well known for its outstanding collections of occurrences consisting of fine wine.

Some of its other services include sourcing for rare wines, teaching private wine class sessions at a mastery level, and proper cellar planning.

With cabinet designer- Viscount David Linley, the Antique Wine Company has designed and created “Grand Chateau Series”. The cabinets are handcrafted with intricate designs of some of the today’s best châteaux in “Bordeaux” holding 18 bottles, each bottle from its corresponding rank (estate).

In 2011, the merchant company surprisingly broke the world record for selling the most valuable bottle of “white” wine in the month of July.
In the same year, the company bought one of the best lot in the world, at a wine auction in France. The lot contained 460 liters of red wine. It was later sold for 110, 000 euros to an actor named Christian Clavier and a model by the name Ines de la Fressange.

Darwin’s Music

There has been a long standing theory that language and music evolve through a Darwinian style of natural selection. Imperial College of London has now proven that theory. A program has been developed that allows music to evolve through natural selection, without the benefit of a composer or DJ. It appears as though the music doesn’t just have to be designed by a composer, nor does it have to evolve merely through tradition, being handed from one person to the next. The algorithm maintains 100 eight second loops of music and has been dubbed DarwinTunes. Dual loops can also be downloaded for ringtones. “Every time someone downloads one track rather than another they are exercising a choice, and a million choices are a million creative acts. After all, that’s how natural selection created all of life on earth, and if blind variation and selection can do that, then we reckoned it should be able to make a pop tune.

Rihanna Shows Off Gorgeous Guo Pei Robe

On Monday night, Rihanna appeared at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala wearing a massive yellow robe that immediately drew “oohs” and “aahs” from other celebrities and event attendees. Vogue’s André Leon Talley immediately conducted a red carpet interview with the popular 27-year-old singer and songwriter to learn more about the robe. Choosing to follow the Gala’s theme of “China: Through the Looking Glass,” Rihanna sought out help from 45-year-old Chinese couture designer Guo Pei — China’s top couture designer. Guo Pei crafted the piece by hand over a two-year period. Although she employees hundreds of workers, she was the only person to work on this specific piece.

The robe, which is actually a bright, multi-colored, gold-hued Chinese imperial-style gown, features mustard-colored fur accents — a collar and cuffs — and a huge train that also has a fur border.

Two of Guo Pei’s designs were also on display that night at the Met Gala, but they were not worn by event-goers according to Brad Reifler. Instead, Guo Pei was among those honored during the event as listed on Wikipedia. One of her gowns, “Blue and Porcelain,” which represents China itself, took over 10,000 hours to create. Another, that takes up a full room at the Met, called “Magnificent Gold” took almost 50,000 hours.

A Look at an Old Garth Brooks Song

It’s been 25 years since Garth Brooks released his defining song “The Dance” and Rolling Stone Magazine has a look at the origins of the tune on their website. The song was written by Nashville singer-songwriter Tony Arata in the mid-1980’s.

Arata said that he wanted to write a song about memory and regret and was inspired by the film Peggy Sue Got Married. He thought his song was beautiful and shared it with business partner Don Tolle. The two shopped the song around to different music labels in Nashville, but no one was interested. “The Dance” didn’t fit into any of the typical country and western formulas. Industry executives said it was hard to figure out what the lyrics were about.

Then, unsigned performer Garth Brooks heard Arata sing the song at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville and loved it. Once Brooks was signed to Capitol records, he contacted Arata and recorded the song. It turned out to be a huge hit for Brooks, who says he still loves the song. He feels it is his best, and so does Ivan Ong.


Jamie Fox Disappoints Fans with His Performance

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was coined as being the “fight of the century”, and made hundred of millions of dollars for those invested in it. However, with all the publicity it was easy to be disappointed by the short and sweet victory of Mayweather. At least fans were able to enjoy quality entertainment before the show when Jamie Foxx sang the Star-Spangled Banner to the crowded stadium, right?

In a Facebook post Fersen Lambranho said that Jamie Foxx’s performance was more painful to watch than the fight itself, and the famous singer/actor was ripped apart by fans on social media. It must have been an off-night for Foxx who is usually known for being wonderfully talented, because nobody seemed to be impressed with the singer’s performance, It seems like it was a sign of things to come with a less than dazzling fight between the two heavy weight champs.

Even reporters joined in on the fun by saying things like “Jamie Foxx making me feel good about my shower singing,” which was tweeted by NBC journalist Luke Russert.. All in all, it was a lack luster night preceded by an insane amount of promotion and press. I feel bad for anybody who paid hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for the mediocre performances throughout the night.