FreedomPop Establishes Self in Mobile Wireless Market

FreedomPop has seemingly been on the verge of blowing up for the better part of the last three or four years. The mobile wireless company was established back in 2012 and found almost immediate success after the founder of Skype decided to grant the start up some seed money. Since then FreedomPop has grown exponentially and thus has shown themselves to be on the verge of becoming the next big name in the telecommunication market. For months it appeared that FreedomPop was considering a M&A agreement with the other telecommunication giants but that didn’t come to fruition and now CEO Stephen Stokols is looking to the future.

Partech Ventures Invests Big
For FreedomPop the only line that matters is the financial one at this point in time. In order to progress in the direction that they need, and make the other giant telecom companies sweat, developing venture capital was the way to go. In the final Series B round of investing FreedomPop saw an influx of investors thank to Partech Ventures. Partech Ventures committed nearly $30 million alongside a few other investment groups to FreedomPop and this isn’t new for the European venture capitalist company. Partech Ventures has backed over 21 companies that have gone public and 50 that have been involved in M&A agreements since 1982. It appears that FreedomPop may be their next big company as they made public how committed they were to helping grow the FreedomPop brand.

Telecom Market is Booming
Right now in America the only thing selling better than Seahawk playoff tickets is stock shares in the telecom market. Right now we are seeing various telecom companies, including AT&T and Comcast, work their bank accounts in order to eat up as much promising competition as possible. This economic climate gave FreedomPop the right amount of exposure to grow in a way that inspired confidence while also giving them the possibility of selling out, were that the right decision to be made.

However, after much deliberation CEO Stephen Stokols passed on the idea of engaging in M&A talks. Stokols reportedly passed on a $250 million offer saying that the time was “premature” to consider selling. This is a pretty big pill to swallow for FreedomPop as an agreement at that price would have been quite the rake for the once small time L.A. based start up. Still, with that uncertainty behind them FreedomPop is now able to focus on growing toward the future.

What FreedomPop offers is almost deceptively simple. The company gives away mobile carrier plans that come with a free amount of talk, text, and mobile data. Users are only charged for overages or if they wish to upgrade their services with the various plans available.

QI’s Leader Joseph Bismark

In today’s dog eat dog world of fast moving deals and financing, spirituality is the last thing most people think of when considering the corporate world. But one company is breaking that stigma. The QI Group of Companies, led by the dynamic Joseph Bismark, has incorporated a spiritual based approach to tackling the business world. A global company that employees more than 1500 in over 30 countries, QI focuses on helping people find solutions that drive entrepreneurship, looks for ways to make living in urban areas better, and seeks to reform education. What all of these have in common is that they are goal oriented tasks that focus on the spiritual side of humanity, as directed by Bismark. His vision is helping to make the world a better place by helping individuals find inside themselves the building blocks to become greater.

Joseph Bismark believes that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” His insatiable quest for knowledge keeps him moving ever forward. This drive led him to study and become a vetted Vedic philosopher, following the Vedas, religious scriptures that were written between 1500-1000 BCE in India. These texts are written in Sanskrit and contain the oldest known written texts of Hinduism. Additionally, Bismark is a yoga instructor, a devoted martial artist and a bonsai master. His outlook on life keeps him on the positive side of life, living to bring out the positive energy in every situation. He is a devoted follower of the Absolute Truth, a votary of the Lord and an aspirant servant. This quote from Joseph Bismark embodies his outlook: “We are not the physical body, we’re spirit-souls. True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body.”

Bismark believes that everything should be done with a consciousness, keeping spirituality alive in all aspects of life. His upbeat attitude is infectious and carries over into every business proposition he undertakes. Bismark encourages others to approach business with their spirituality in tact, bringing with them the quiet assuredness that forms the basis of all his transactions. These principles have helped Bismark bring something unique and meaningful into the business world. His desire to see others succeed with serenity has helped solidify his talents as a business leader. By integrating spirituality into business, Bismark maintains positive relationships among colleagues future business contacts. Many have succeeded by following his example.

What Has Never Been Known For Susan McGalla As Both A Woman Of Value And a Leader

Ms Susan McGalla was brought up East Liverpool, Ohio with her 2 brothers. Their father was a coach of local footballer. Madam McGalla has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Business and Marketing. He graduated from Mount Union College where she was serving in the Board of Advisors. She is married to a wealth manager Mr Stephen McGalla

Susan McGalla is a well-known businesswoman. She is an executive consultant from Pennsylvania. Susan is a former chief merchandizing officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters Brand Inc. she is also a former West Seal Inc. chief executive officer. Recently she has received a title that has put her in charge of merchandizing, marketing and design of the new brands seen on American teens nowadays.

Ms McGalla started her profession when she was at Joseph Home Company. At Joseph Home Company is where she held several managerial and marketing positions from the year 1986-1994. Ms McGalla joined American Eagle, when the company was predominated by the male employees with no woman employee at the managerial position. Despite this, Ms McGalla became a divisional merchandize buyer for ladies’ clothing. She went ahead serving in American Eagle in several managerial positions until she emerged to be the American Eagle president and the topmost merchandizing official. She led this company exceptionally because previously she had been a company’s flagship prior being given a super priority by God to lead the entire company.

As company most superior leader, Ms McGalla controlled the launch of 77kids brands and aerie. In January 2009 Ms McGalla optioned to leave American Eagle Inc. with good heart and converted to Private Consultant for retailing financial industries investments. Because of her skills in leadership and great achievements, in 2009 Ms Susan was elected as one of the Board of Directors of HFF Inc. HFF Inc. is a public organization that offers commercial services for real estates. She was also appointed as in the Board of Magee-Women Research Institute and Foundation. She has also been a director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development

In 2011 Ms Susan handed the baton of leadership as chief executive officer-West Seal Inc. to Ed Thomas. In the following year July she parted left the company. Following her parting with the Wet Seal Inc., she established P3 Executive Consulting firm. Right now, she is the one directing the growth and the most strategic planning of Pittsburgh Steelers.

Being a participative woman in the community, Ms McGalla claimed to be equally comfortable with men and women and therefore, she has excelled most whenever working with both parties. Her instruments of success have been the confidence and the good heart has. She has never shied off whenever addressing her cases to audience.

Her achievements have been contributed by her family because they taught her on how to have confidence whenever presenting her good ideas and self-introducing regardless of her audience. This made her to be what she is today: a talented manager, expert consultant for branding and self-esteemed businesswoman.