Fresh Ingredients for a Fresh Start

Small time dog food companies are popping up all over the globe. They are promising healthier alternatives for family pets and people are starting to take notice. With people calling out for those healthy foods for their pets, larger dog food companies started paying attention to these wants and needs as well. They have to keep up with the competition in order to stay in the game.

It’s good to know that before this was a craze, there was a company named Purinastore that was already thinking about your animals and what they need to have happy and healthy lives. For years Beneful has been working hard to make sure that your family pet gets all the nutrition they need with a taste that they will love for years on in. Beneful have known from the very beginning that fresh ingredients help your dog grow up more active and have a longer happier life.

Fresh meats like salmon, chicken, lamb, and beef make your dogs sit up and take notice. Beneful add to the delicious flavor that insures that your dog will love this food. All the vitamins and minerals that they get from fresh vegetables like carrots, peas, spinach, and sweet potatoes insure that they are getting 100% of the nutrition that they need. The combination of these ingredients make sure that your dog gets everything that both of you want, nutrition, taste, and a price that insures that any family can afford a great dog food for their pets.

Trends come and go with dog food. Companies all over will change the way that they operate just to make extra money from consumers. It’s nice to know that there is a company out there that has always prided themselves with what is the most important for your furry family members. They’ve always been that way and will always remain a company that puts you and your dog first.



Read The Label Of Beneful And You’ll Find High Quality Ingredients

It took me a little while to do enough research to know what I’m talking about, but now I feel like I know enough about dog food and dog nutrition to pass this information along to other dog owners. There’s nothing more important to being a dog owner than providing the right blend of nutritious foods for your dog to snack on, so if you are wondering what to buy for your dog, I have some great recommendations for you. In terms of research, I recommend starting out by reading the article from the Daily Herald that I will link to at the end of this posting.

Recommending Quality Dog Foods

What is a quality dog food? If you are wondering this, let me be the first to tell you that your dog needs high quality ingredients in their diet because it keeps them active and healthy. Brands that know what to put in their foods are premium dog food companies because they are going out of their way to supply their  Amazon products with real meats and vegetables. Beneful is by Purina a company that cares about what they put in their products. They are a premium dog food brand that uses high quality ingredients, like real chicken or real beef. Their Dry Dog Food Original comes in a few varieties: real chicken, real beef and real salmon. They also have a quality dry food that is for weight management, and they have one for puppies as well.
Take the time to look at the ingredients on the dog food package, and you might be surprised as to what you have been feeding to your dog. Dogs deserve to eat Beneful’s brand of premium dog food, and buying Beneful is the marking of a pet owner that actually cares about the health of their dog. Your dog will thank you, your friends and family will think you’re caring, and your vet will treat you with respect. It doesn’t take much to stay informed in what premium dog food companies do. Read the labels, and read this article on premium companies.

Ross Martin Abelow Starts Fundraiser to Help Area Animal Shelters

A fundraiser benefit has been started by New York attorney Ross Martin Abelow. This fundraiser has a goal to raise over $5000 for help area shelters with medical costs, food and even blankets for the homeless animals.

There are so many animals in need as the dangerous winter temperatures plummet resulting in many animals left with no visible means of shelter or to just keep warm. Whether they are faced with lack of financial resources or space by the shelters, these animals are not likely to survive without the help of caring individuals like Ross Abelow. Abelow’s hopes his efforts will help to keep more animals in the shelters to avoid these tragic events from happening.

Across the country, over 15 million animals are brought to area shelters every year, and only about 25% of them are placed in forever homes. For the poor unfortunate ones that do not find homes, they are put to sleep. With the area shelters being overrun, and the winter weather conditions, the number of animals that simply do not survive may reach an even higher percentage.

The leading cause of the overwhelming amount of pets being homeless is the rapid reproduction that is now providing a higher rate of survival of these animals. Another factor is the commercial breeding trade that has caused over-breeding and many cases of neglect by the owners and breeders.

Ross Abelow has been a long time resident of New York and received his license to practice law back in 1990 from the State of New York. After attending New York’s State University as an undergrad, Abelow obtained his law degree in 1998 from the Brooklyn Law School.

His specialty has always been focused around family law, including matrimonial law as well as commercial litigation and entertainment. Over his 26 year career in handling clients, he was made a partner in the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro, LLP.

This fundraiser was established by Abelow in order to prevent unnecessary animal deaths and provide a longer term residence at area shelters for these animals. This will allow the shelters, additional time and resources to find forever homes for these homeless animals.