Have fine, thin hair? Take this Wen haircare journey

Regardless of what time you turn on your television, you are sure to see a sephora infomercial for Wen haircare by Chaz. If you were ever curious if this product would work on your fine, thin hair then come along this seven day journey that tested its claims. WEN is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. This experiment was done with their fig formula, originally reported on bustle.com.

The first noticeable difference was the amount of product needed compared to regular shampoo and conditioner. The amount needed is determined by the length of your hair. On the first day and first application the hair felt noticeably thicker even before washing had finished. This was a nice surprise. After styling the hair it was shiny and bouncy. The first day proved to be nothing but positive. Upon awakening the second day the hair was noticeably greasier than normal and did not seem to hold curls as long as it had without using Wen, although it was shinier and softer than without Wen. On day three, after performing the WEN haircare routine, the hair was once again bouncy and shiny and easy to manage. This outcome continued throughout the remaining days. On the days that washing and styling were possible the result was positive. This was also evident by compliments that were received by the look and shine of the hair. On the days when the washing routine was skipped the hair became greasier than usual.

In conclusion, it was determined that if washing and styling is your daily routine, then positive results and compliments will surely come your way. If skipping a day or two is more your routine, then your hair may give you a greasier result then you desire.

Wen can be purchased on Amazon.

Learn more about this journey at http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened. Happy hair washing!


Just Fab – Braganza Collection

A Jean – Pierre Braganza limited edition tote bag is out now. This is a collaboration between Braganza and label.M and Braganza spent hours researching the design at the British library. He also spent hours listening to jazz greats and this print is a big part of this 2016 collection. He is well know in the fashion world and is from Canadian design before moving to London’s Central St. Martins. So he has global experience of fashion and sells in different countries. He has a diverse style and hopefully is a big name in fashion coming up.

Braganza focuses on the human form and designs his clothes for this. He is an innovative designer. If you’re interested in fashion, JustFab is an online fashion that retailer that sells clothes, shoes, handbags and denim. It is a subscription service with the site www.justfab.com. They sell great fashion and if you’re interested in collections like the one described previously, Just Fab is the place to go. Check out their website for collections, fashion and handbags. Buying fashion online is great for convenience and JustFab has what you need for the latest fashion.

They have sales and a VIP membership offer currently so check out what they have to offer. They sell a wide variety of boots, jeans, and handbags and these are easily accessible. They have new styles each month and make shopping easy. Again it’s JustFab for the place to shop for fashion.


U.S. Money Reserve helps finance Pearl Harbor statue


The U.S. Money Reserve is a distributor of gold and silver coins released by the government, based in Austin Texas. According to Kusi.com reported they are selling a special 75th anniversary coin to mark the anniversary of the Dec. 7, 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor. According to a story in Yahoo News, the proceeds from that sale will help the U.S. Navy Memorial fund a statue of the lone sailor at Pearl Harbor, to be unveiled on Dec. 7 of this year.

The Naval Memorial is in Washington D.C. and has the lone sailor statue, which is a symbol honoring people who have fought for the navy over the years. Most places honoring Navy veterans already have this statue, but there is not one at Pearl Harbor. U.S. Money Reserve officials posted a twitter update they would give all the proceeds of the sale of the coin – which sells for $5 – to the foundation to help pay for the statue. This should make U.S. Money Reserve the main contributor for the $30,000 project.

The same sculptor who worked on the statue in Washington will be creating the same one for the Pearl Harbor memorial. The memorial is a 7-foot bronze statue that weighs 1,000 pounds. The sailor is carrying the typical sailor bag and is the symbol of the Navy. The memorial at Pearl Harbor will be overlooking memorials to the USS Missouri and the USS Arizona, both of which were sunk during the attack in 1941. Part of the metal from the Arizona will be used in the statue display.

The U.S. Money Reserve sells gold and silver coins, as well as platinum. People use these coins to invest in precious metals and as a means of collecting various kinds of coins. The reserve has distributed several special issue coins over the years.

Solo Capital

Solo Capital is an investment firm that is based out of Dubai and London. The investment firm has escalated throughout the years offering many different forms of lending, trading and consulting. It quickly reached the billion dollar mark and now has an estimated net worth of $280 million. The company was originally founded and started by millionaire Sanjay Shah. He started Solo Capital after being in the accounting world for many years. He just didn’t want to be in the grind everyday with the long hours and the commute. With years in the finance business, he decided to start his own brokerage firm which has developed into Solo Capital. Solo Capital only started with very few employees. Shah gathered some his trading partners and newly graduates to help him get his new found business running. With some hard work and dedication, the company had met their million dollar mark after five years.

Like mentioned before, Shah was in the accounting business for many years. He originally started out wanting to study medicine. He moved from Kenya, which is where he was born, and moved to Central London with his family. He decided to attend King’s College where he studied medicine. After several semesters and classes, he quickly decided that is not something he wanted to do. He went into the accounting and finance side of the business and graduated with his degree. After working for the accounting firm for many years and deciding to resign, he has successfully monitored and started the brokerage business of his dreams. Solo Capital has allowed Shah to kick back and relax a bit. He wanted to retire from the company, well semi-retire anyway, and pursue some areas in his life that recently became a passion. One of those areas was a neurological condition called autism.

Autism has increasingly become an interest to Shah because of his youngest son. His wife and he took him to the doctor when he was two years old because of some different mannerisms he was portraying and they found out he had autism. As devastated as they were, Shah knew he had to do something to help since it wasn’t something he could just fix. After spending several years in the music industry, he has become quite familiar with many of the musicians. He had a chance to visit with Snoop Dogg one afternoon, and the suggestion came up to get back into the music business. That’s when Shah developed Autism Rocks, a charity based fundraiser that helps aid in the research and development of autism. It also helps raise awareness and the donations are sent to different universities to help aid in research. The charity has become very successful and looks forward to continuing that success.

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Dogs understand how a delicious meal tastes like. This is the reason it is important for dog owners to consider buying tasty, delicious meals for their pets. The only way that a pet owner can decipher whether or not the food they are buying for their dogs is delicious is by tasting them with tongues. One can even eat the dog food if it is produced by a competent company. Many companies in the dog food industry are now using the human dietetic approaches to manufacturing dog foods. This will give the owner of the dog or the quality supervisor in any of the companies an easy experience while tasting the foods.

Beneful Company is investing in innovative activities so as to be able to come up with the best dog meals on the market. The flavoring of dog meals is done so as to increase the comfort of eating that meal by the dog. No pet owner will want to buy poorly tasting food any longer. This is because pet owners are of the idea of feeding their pets with better tasting meals than those that they consume themselves. Beneful is creating recipes for dogs which will help in many health needs. Dog owners nowadays want to feed their dogs with food that can work in weight control. The company has dog food types that have been specially designed for weight loss. Such meals are manufactured by incorporating them with fiber substances to tear down cholesterol.

Beneful also uses different desirable plant products to come up with its recipes. Vegetables and fruits are all mixed after crushing to give one complete and tasty meal. Some nuts which are rich in energy and vitamins are also used in the blending of these recipes. There are other companies such as Purina, Freshpet and Blue Buffalo, which are a feature in the premium food news. These companies together with Beneful are competing for the top position in the manufacture and marketing of modern dog foods. By saying current, one would imply the use of human dieting principles in the production of dog foods. This idea is recent and slowly replacing the old strategies.