George Soros Donates 6 Million to Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton just got a big check from one of the wealthiest men in the world. According to, famous billionaire philanthropist George Soros just donated 6 million dollars to pro-Clinton superPACs, making his total contributions to Clinton’s campaign 8 million. This marks his biggest financial contributions to a political campaign since his 2004 backing of John Kerry. While there are other big budget donors such as Haim Saban and Herb Sandler, Soros seriously stands out from the pack in more ways than one. He’s not only leading by the sheer amount he has donated or his long history in politics, he is leading in the accuracy of his predictions. 

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Among wealthy Democrats George Soros is seen as a sort of bellwether for his king making of future nominees. In 2004, he donated more than 20 million dollars to the various efforts to oust the incumbent George W. Bush and prevent a second term. Unfortunately, in 2012, he scaled back his contributions to a mere 1 million dollars to pro-Obama superPACs. It seemed as if his days of political spending were coming to an end. His renewed interest in this campaign represents a major comeback into the process of American presidential politics.
This donation should not come as surprising to anyone who has heard the life story of this man. In contrast to the generally conservative minded billionaires that tend to favor fiscally conservative Republican candidates, George Soros has long been a fan of more progressive causes. As one of the 30 wealthiest men in the world, he hasn’t shied away from using his 24 billion dollar fortune to advance his select political causes. He has donated to the Black Lives Matter movement and other social justice causes. 

Born in Budapest in 1930, Soros has built a fortune using his remarkably accurate market predictions and wise financial investments. He sees an open society as key to providing the world a better future by looking at the long term implications of modern politics. Standing above the anger that has taken over political conversations, George Soros stands for social justice above all.

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Thor Halvorssen Has Got A Point

You may or may not support Bernie Sanders, but even though Thor Halvorssen has lost family to ardent socialist regimes, he has given the biggest possible contribution within the bounds of law to the Sanders campaign. Understanding why may take a moment.

Thor Halvorssen is well-known across the US for his philanthropic, pro-humanitarian pursuits. He is a film producer as well as a philanthropist, and currently is working with Bryan Singer on an adaptation of the acclaimed science fiction novel, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. Halvorssen is exceptionally leftist, but despite that he has acknowledged human rights abuses are often fundamentally tied to socialism. In fact, in a recent Fox News interview, he has even said that the two are fundamentally correlated. While he acknowledged that in some instances socialistic practices could yield results that weren’t in egregious discord to human rights, the implication is that governments which become socialistsoon abuse the rights of the people. Thor also pointed out several examples where socialist government tried to bureaucratize the economy and ended up facilitating famine. Famine is definitely an abuse of human rights.

So Thor understands that socialism isn’t the pie-in-the-sky utopia most Bernie Sanders supporters think it is. The Fox News anchor with whom he was having the interview was careful to point out that Bernie Sanders supporters don’t always understand the concept of socialism. Thor Halvorssen is not one of this kind. No, the reason he supports Bernie despite the socialistic ideology that maintains the man is because the front runner of the Democratic party is fundamentally worse. According to Halvorssen, Clinton is regularly funded by dictatorial regimes. He also pointed out that Cruz, the Republican front-runner, is likewise funded by anti-humanitarian regimes. And as a leftist, he can’t vote Trump; so what choices does Thor have left but Bernie Sanders?

Thor’s decisions in this election are reflective of the country’s general political environment right now. People aren’t necessarily voting for someone because they think that person is a good choice for president, they’re voting for someone because they think the person in question is likely to do the least damage to the country. That’s a frightening thought from any political perspective. Read more about Thor Halvorssen in this Forbes article.

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Beneful and Freshpet Lead Way in Dog Food Revolution

The pet food industry is a hidden monolith that people don’t take the time to gawk at and truly respect. Just last year we saw pet food businesses rack up an incredible $24 billion in combined revenue. This means that there is some serious cash getting thrown around by some serious players in the game. With so much money on the line it has become something of a necessity that new companies try to innovate in order to keep up. Let’s take a look at some of those innovations right now.
There are pet owners and then there are pet owners who try to do everything they can to maximize their dog’s health. That is the target demographic that Pennsylvania’s Freshpet is trying to cater to. Freshpet is a rather new industry giant that is changing the way facebook users look at dog food and they are doing this by creating a product that is literally good enough for humans to eat. Putting ingredients on a premium has been the #1 way in which Freshpet has gained traction. They are focused on GMO free, all organic, fresh food and produce while limiting filler products and completely excluding preservatives. In fact CEO Richard Thompson regularly displays how good the food is by sampling it in front of guests while giving tours of the factory.

Right now we are seeing everyone in the industry leap in and try to innovate. Whether you are looking at PurinaStore‘s new ‘custom treat’ website (, where consumers can create the blend of food they want, or Beneful‘s focused line of quality foods — everyone is getting active. The biggest sin for most consumers has been the over abundance of preservatives in dog food and this concern has been almost completely put to pasture.

If you wanted a name for this movement you could call it ‘eat like your owner’ and so far it has been really changing the game. We’ve seen sales for premium dog food absolutely skyrocket over the past five years, jumping 45% to a value of almost $11 billion according to This is only the beginning, we’re sure, of an informed pet food industry.

Lime Crime Is Making Prime Time

With adorable names like Teddy Bear, Flamingo, and Tea Cup, what comes to mind? How about Lime Crime’s matte and liquid lip colors? The colors range from all ends of the color spectrum and not only do they include lip products, but liquid eye liners and eye palettes too! It all started in 2008 when Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup, could not find a lip color bright enough to match her profound style. After taking matters into her own hands, Lime Crime launched their Unicorn Lipsticks which was a turning point that defined bright and unique lip colors. Deere makes sure all of her company’s products adhere to vegan standards.

Lime Crime’s products are PETA verified and animal cruelty free. The Leaping Bunny Pledge certifies their suppliers do not test on animals in any way, shape, or form. Their lip line includes Velvetines, Unicorn Lipstick, and Perlees. Velvetines have similar lip colors to the famous Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, such as Jinx, a deep shade of purple eggplant that has been featured on before. If you are a classy girl, you are going to like the classic Red Velvet shade in the most vibrant hue of red. Their Perlees are ultra pigmented lipsticks with a foil like shine and a matte finish to them. They include colors like Third Eye, which is a mulberry red, and Mirage, a mauve barbie-like pink. Lime Crime is on equal playing field among big competitors like the Mary Jo K Lip Kit while being affordable and original. If you want to try a new look, why not try something daring and exciting? Electrify your make up look with Lime Crime’s energetic and spirited color collection like so many Pinterest users have done.

White Shark Media Review – 4 Reasons Their Clients Love Them

According to the White Shark Media homepage, within the last 12 months the company has managed over $35 million in ad spend. That alone should tell you this company knows what that they are doing.

Here are just a few of the many reasons their clients love working with them:

Reason #1 – They Have No Contracts

TOP SEOs said that at White Shark Media they don’t believe in contracts or retainer fees. Their number one priority is and will always be to get you the best possible results.

Their motto is to earn your business every month. That way if you aren’t happy you are free to take your business elsewhere at any time. This of course puts the pressure on them to deliver every month. Suffice it to say they have successfully been delivering results for the last 5 years.

Reason #2 – You Get A Dedicated Team Of Highly Trained AdWords Managers

As a White Shark Media client you are never on your own. As soon as you become a client you will have access to a dedicated team of AdWords managers. These are individuals who have years of experience in PPC marketing and know what it takes to help you reach your goals.

Having an experienced team behind you ensures you get the best possible results with every campaign.

Reason #3 – 100% Tracking

Remember, White Shark Media has one goal and that is to ensure every client gets results. In order to do that they must track every aspect of every campaign they set up.

Besides being able to track keyword performance, you will also be able to track e-commerce results and track phone calls. The best part is all of this is installed at no additional charge.

Reason #4 – You Get A Tailor Made Campaign

While most digital marketing agencies take a one size fits all approach, White Shark Media does the complete opposite. Each campaign they create is tailor made to your specific needs. This increases the likelyhood your campaign will be a success.

More About White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one of the few digital marketing agencies that has earned the honor of being a certified Google AdWords SMB partner. They are also a Bing Ads Elite SMB partner and were voted #724 on the Inc. 5000 list in 2015.

To learn more about White Shark Media and how they can help you grow your business visit them online at

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QNET Gives Back To Less Fortunate In India

The government of India has started a new campaign called Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya, which aims to raise the hygiene and clean water standards for their citizens in the city of Hyderabad. I sure am pleased to see world wide direct sales leader QNET joining in on the cause. Their CSR initiative promotes clean water production and storage for all the residents of Sriram Nagar, the Primary School provided by the government in Hyderabad.

To me there is no more important issue than people everywhere having access to clean drinking water and healthy cleanliness. QNET has come through well in that department. The On-ground Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSR) has been launched by QNET. They do not only lead in women’s rights and the issues of promoting small business, they are also a top e-commerce company. Over 800 of the school’s students will get clean water supplied because of QNET’s plan to partner with the Lions Club of Hyderabad.

QNET will help improve the school’s sanitation and water supply facilities. They have made a commitment to CSR best industry practices. The plan is to help the environment and make major improvements in India. Their RYTHM humanitarian service means: Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. Along with QNET’s corporate commitment, they are encouraging their sales associates to contribute selflessly. They are being partnered with members of NGOs such as the Lions Club.

I am impressed that QNET is very involved in healthy diets, such as their involvement in India with the Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA). QNET works to help the poor and destitute with their CSR initiatives in many other countries as well. They are regular contributors to medical needs at the Home of Hope in the city of Bangalore. This assists in combating disease and poverty for 200 people with their protein power supplements called NUTRIPLUS. Read more about QNET on Wikipedia or you may follow on Twitter.

Wikipedia Embraced by University for Academic Submissions


When one thinks of academic papers and Wikipedia the natural thought is that it cannot be used as a source for papers. However, one university has decidedly taken the opposite approach. Born out of the problem that existed of students not collecting their papers after they professors had taken extended time to leave specific comments, the thought occurred that if the papers were actually published the feedback from either Wikipedia editors, or other users would be more useful. So the University of Sydney has made it mandatory coursework that students will make or edit a Wikipedia page in place of sitting for exams or writing essays.

Sydney’s English department chair, Dr. Rebecca Johinke said, “We don’t want to waste our time writing long-winded comments that may not ever e read and instead want to provide useful feedback that students understand and appreciate.” She went on to say, “That feedback doesn’t always need to come from their teacher, but it can and should also come from their peers and others. There is value in having an audience of more than one.” Certainly it is a learning experience for the students as submitting into Wikipedia can be difficult due to the stringent submission guidelines. 

Because guidelines are so difficult to get right many have found that it is worthwhile to use a Wiki writing service to submit individual pages or corporate pages. Get Your Wiki  is one such Wikipedia writing company. They offer their clients an opportunity to submit pages about themselves or about their business’s and have a money back guarantee should the pages not be accepted and published. The money back guarantee seems to be enough of an incentive that people are taking advantage of having seemingly unlimited exposure that Wikipedia business page creation provides but applied to their benefit in a commercial application. Their Wikipedia editors for hire will craft a page for you that follows all of Wiki’s guidelines and rules and also shows an unbiased view of your company. Hiring a Wikipedia writer ensures you will be getting all the benefits of the page without any of the hassle.

Currently, Wikipedia is the seventh most visited site on the internet. It’s arguably the absolute largest public resource online. Wikipedia being not-for-profit has kept the site from going overly commercial with advertising. The interesting thing is that the site is 85% funded by donations under $100 from individual users, that’s a better percentage than even public television. Wikipedia’s reach is astronomical with over 500 million unique visitors and 18 billion page views per month. So it makes just good sense that people would take advantage of such a high volume of traffic in which to expose their business. Using a service such as Get Your Wiki is sensible as having a page on the most trusted site in the internet is enough to wow even the most skeptical prospects.

Wen by Chaz Gets Excellent Marks

WEN hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner was the subject of a hair care experiment by an editor for Bustle, who was desperate to find a solution to her normally fine, lifeless hair. Although she was a set professed hair care product addict on, she had not yet found he magic solution to her less than desirable hair, so she figured she had nothing to lose by trying out Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner as her shampoo and conditioner combo for just one week. At the end of the experiment, she was definitely glad that she gave the famous hair care product a chance. It totally transformed her hair by adding volume and giving it a very healthy shine, which was a major improvement from its previously dull and fine appearance. What was even better, was that she reported her hair felt healthier from the roots to the ends by using WEN hair on facebook. With the fabulous after pictures documenting the daily results of the week long challenge, it should come as no surprise that the author’s final verdict is that she plans to use the cleansing conditioner any time that her hair needs some extra care and volume.

Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner has been delighting women for years with its ability to almost completely transform a wide variety of hair types. It is used just like a typical shampoo, but there is nothing typical about this miracle in a bottle. Rather than having to use five separate hair care products, WEN hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner delivers all of those results with just one application. Wen hair is amazing hair product can be used on a daily basis to see the same transformed results that the author loved in her own hair from the week long challenge for Bustle. Users should concentrate most of the product on the roots to repair ends.

Christian Broda is Both a Practical and Academic Economist

The Managing Director of the Duquesne Capital Management hedge fund since 2010, Christian Broda‘s career as an ecoonomist contains a unique mix of both academic and private industry and government practical achievement.

Before assuming the helm at Duquesne, Christian Broda was at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, as Professor of Economics with a long list of published articles in distinguished journals, including American Economic Review, Journal of Monetary and Economic Studies, Journal of International Economics and Quarterly Journal of Economics. He’s a member of the American Economic Association, the Econometric Society, the Economia Journal and the Society for Economic Dynamics. he’s also written books on economic subjects. From 2006-2008 he was a James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar, and he won two grants from the National Science Foundation to help finance his work and research.

Broda received his Bachelor of the Arts degree from the Universidad de San Andres, Argentina, in January 1997. He graduated summa cum laude. He earned his Master’s of Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in May 1999 and his Ph.D from MIT in June 2001.

Christian Broda started out working for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the department of International Research. His real-life experience also included a stint with Lehman Brothers as their Chief International Economist and with Barclays Capital, serving with their International Research at Columbia University as the Head of International Research.

The Wall Street Journal have publicized Broda’s view that inflation will remain low for a long time to come, and the U.S. dollar will therefore remain the world’s preferred reserve currency, keeping its value relatively high. This is an opinion many investors and economists disagree with, especially in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.



Helane Morrison Exposes Corruption in Her Career

There is a lot of corruption when it comes to business. The corruption has resulted in a huge economic crisis. Among the forms of corruption that is in effect is the dishonest handling of affairs which include falsified records and underhanded ways of dealing with people. To make things worse, there is a possibility that there is more of a crisis coming within the year. Fortunately, there are certain professionals like Helane Morrison that will make sure that business is run in an ethical manner. The fraud and the dishonesty will be taken care of under her lead. 

Among the effects of such developments is the prolonged feeling of mistrust. Americans have lost a lot of faith in Wall Street. This has brought people to the realization that there is no guarantee when it comes to finances. Helane Morrison is aware of all of the corruption that has happened and the results of such corruption. Helane Morrison has a strong resolve that keeps her from being intimidated so that she can continue to get the financial world back on track. She handles her cases with assertion and the sharpness needed to make sure that a solution is brought forth that sets the handlers straight.

Helane Morrison was born in Brooklyn. She has studied in Journalism in Illinois at Northwestern University. After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she moved to California in order to get her degree in Law. After she graduated, Helane began her career as a clerk. However, she has shown such an impressive skill and work ethic that she has risen high.

One of the people she has worked with was Harry A Blackmun who is a fighter for women’s rights. Morrison has gained a lot from under Blackmun’s wing. She has learned how to handle adversity from Blackmun, who has received plenty of death threats. Helane Morrison has used what she has learned to bring about equality not just for women, but for all people.