Barbara Stokes Wins FEMA Contract For Hurricane Harvey Relief Housing

Hurricane Harvey was one of the most destructive natural disasters of the last decade. Only a few companies could possibly handle the undertaking of rebuilding areas hit by the hurricane. Recently, one innovative disaster relief builder won a large FEMA contract to help people affected by the natural disaster. That company, GSH of Alabama, LLC, and their CEO, Baraba Stokes are ready to help rebuild the homes and lives of thousands of people.

According to FEMA records, the contract was worth $28,516,300 and is expected to have a completion date of March 2018. The contract will help bring relief and help those who were adversely affected by Hurricane Harvey. GSH of Alabama, LLC was chosen in part because of their ability to quickly deliver sustainable housing to the region in time and within the stated budget. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

GSH of Alabama, LLC’s CEO Barbara Stokes has taken the lead in the FEMA contract to ensure that the hurricane victims receive their housing as quickly as possible. As a leader in the disaster relief construction industry, GHS of Alabama is one of the best-qualified companies to call in the aftermath of a disaster the size and scope of Hurrican Harvey.

Barbara Stokes is experienced in leading her quick response team to organize, build and deliver the company’s state of the art manufactured homes in the time needed to shelter the hurricane victims. Among the areas of expertise for Mrs. Stokes and GSH of Alamaba include administration logistics, fleet maintenance as well as warehousing services.

Barbara Stokes completed her education at Mercer University where she received a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. During her undergraduate years, Mrs. Stokes also studied Manufacturing as well as Technical Communication and Management. Additionally, Mrs. Stokes received training in Thermodynamics. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Before becoming the CEO of GSH, Mrs. Stokes worked at Boeing and Pieces Corporation. In her time at Boeing and Pieces Corporation, Barbara Stokes honed her experience in complex projects and government contracts. Today, Mrs. Stokes in one of the foremost experts in government contracting. In addition to her leadership role at GHS of Alabama, LLC, Mrs. Stokes performs volunteer work in the Huntsville, Alamaba area.


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