Adam Milstein Explains Pride And Courage In Jewish History In The Times Of Israel Blog

Adam Milstein, an author at the Times of Israel and executive at Hager Pacific Properties says young Jews have a role to fulfill as ambassadors for a strong Israel and its identity, and parents should encourage them to be courageous and proud to be Jews. Israel has overcome a lot of opposition to remain strong in the Middle East, and though many years have passed since the days of Judas Maccabeus, a hero that Milstein has talked about often, the need for modern-day Maccabees is still there. Jews over the years have been among the world’s top thinkers with many of them attending prestigious universities, holding high executive positions and even being elected to office in the government.

Adam Milstein says pride in Israel is one of the first steps to Jewish prosperity not only in the homeland but also in the global community. He says pride is exhibited in what he calls “Israeliness which means Jewish people are proud of their identity and show it, and they also look out for each other. And courage is foundational to being strong because it empowers Jews and Israelis to take their enemies head-on in every struggle.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel in 1952 and is the oldest of three sons, and his young adult life included four years in the Israeli military and being deployed to fight against the Egyptian forces in the Yom Kippur War. He came to the US after finishing his bachelor’s degree at the Israeli Institute of Technology – Technion and attended graduate school at USC. Several years later he helped found Hager Pacific Properties and over the last 30 years has made that company the managing agent of over $1 billion in properties.

Adam Milstein is also the founder of the Israeli-American Council, and through partnerships with AIPAC, Hasbara Fellowships, Hillel International and StandWithUs he’s given a voice to the Israeli-American community. He and his wife Gila also started Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a program that has made learning Hebrew easier for Jewish families who are brand new to it. He is also a father to three daughters and has several grandchildren as well.

Guidelines for Aspiring Lawyers Who Advocate for Human Rights

If you are an aspiring lawyer, you probably already considered becoming an attorney that advocates for human and civil rights. It is a very renowned occupation in the legal field where professionals defend those who are victims of justice abuse and usually fight for smaller communities who suffer from these problems, like women, children, LGBT people, immigrants, religious people, and others.

In this profession, lawyers often are defending their clients against the political abuse that many corporations try to push against their customers, using their influence and capital power to try to blur the lines and descriptions of the human rights federal law.

In this profession, many cases do not involve companies as well, and they are as typical as the last example. Many individuals are charged for aggression, be it verbal or physical, censure, and it goes right against the rights of freedom of expression and free speech that every American has.

Migrants, for example, suffer from a kind of censure that affects them because of their culture of origin, and sometimes they are unjustifiably made victims of verbal aggression because of this reason.

Black Americans as well, suffer from the same problem, but this assault on their civil rights goes way back to the history of the nation and how the racial diversity of the United States was divided in the beginning. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

You’ll also be learning a lot about domestic abuse, street aggression and other physical assaults that have a far-reaching consequence for the population of the U.S. By being a professional in the area with the duty of defending your client against these abuses, you are also restoring peace and reducing these events because the aggressors are being punished for it.

It is not an easy specialization though. Because of how the human rights attorney can branch to different types of clients and, well, specializations, it can be a tricky area to start your office. However, there is good news for aspiring lawyers who want to defend communities against these power abuses.

There are some funding institutions that invest in these offices to keep them running at their full potential. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have founded one of those funds themselves. The duo created the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund which gives capital assistance to this firms and groups of lawyers that advocate for civil and human rights.

They use their settlement money, more than $3 million, to donate and invest in these attorneys to help them succeed in their early stages of creating your own legal business. Located in Phoenix, AZ 85036. USA, the Frontera Fund has already helped tons of legal firms of two or more partners withstand the pressure of starting their own agency in times when clients are hard to come by.

The two partners have already faced, during their first few years in Maricopa County, the censure that migrants face when they first arrive in a country coming from a different culture and nation.

Now, Lacey and Larkin are using their influence to help those lawyers defend clients who suffer from similar legal conditions.

Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Eric Pulier Uses His Knowledge Of Technology To Achieve Great Things

Eric Pulier has always had a strong talent for innovating and doing the extraordinary within the field of technology. As of today, he is a highly regarded entrepreneur and public speaker within the industry, with active involvement in philanthropist projects. Since mid 2015, Eric has been working at Stemulis as the company’s Chief Executive.

Since way back in elementary school, Eric has had an interest in technology. He was already learning how to program and code on computers at this age, so you could say he started his career young. Throughout his school Eric always stuck with his interest in technology and showed off his abilities. While still attending high school in New Jersey, Eric even started up his own database business. Following which he wanted to get an even high education by earning a degree at Harvard University.

Eric has founded Desktone, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, and quite a few more so far in his career, all made capable with his expertise in technology. To add to that, he is also a standing member for the Logic Library, acting as an Executive Chairmen as well as Santa Monica Media, where he operates as a Tech Officer. His presence in the technology industry continues to spread today.

On top of his achievements in business and finances, Eric is also actively working to help people around the world in different ways. He does this by trying to find different technological solutions to problems in many different regions. Not only has he made donations to the Starlight Foundation to help children that are effected by chronic conditions, but Eric also spent his time working with Doctors for Africa to help advance the medical services and solutions available.

Clinton Global Initiatives also work with Eric Pulier. As a member he started up his own project for cloud computing by using servers hosted on the internet and collecting data from their networks. This allows for access to information from all over, which is much better being stuck to local data and needing more computers per individual.