Why Anti-Semitic Attacks on George Soros are Baseless

American-Hungarian venture capitalist and humanitarian Mr. Soros, has made a name for himself by funding various liberal causes. This has made him to be highly vilified by members of rightist movement. A recent spate of recent George Soros WikiLeaks emails, has raised eyebrows. The authors of these emails obviously had the intention of tarnishing the reputation of the business magnate’s Soros Foundation.

Russian Propaganda

Diverse reactions have arisen from the George Soros emails. Political pundit, Pamela Gellar referred to Soros as an evil man. She even went ahead to accuse him of undermining Israel. A number of far right anti-Semites accused Soros of leading a conspiracy to emasculate the white race. This George Soros conspiracy is widely thought to have been started by Russia. For a long time, the country has demonized Soros’ support towards different liberation efforts.

The propaganda has been twisted to portray Russia as a fervent supporter of Palestine’s against Israeli. Soros has constantly been accused of delegitimizing Israel. Some right-wing pro-Israeli pundits have taken advantage of the George Soros conspiracy emails to spread spiteful information about Soros and his associates. On the other hand, present-day Nazis are claiming that Soros is involved in an underhand plot, which seeks to flood Europe with African immigrants. They claim that Soros is sympathetic to migrants because he also fled Hungary during his teenage years. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

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Concerted anti-Soros Media Campaigns

The George Soros conspiracy has been punctuated by a multifaceted campaign against him in the American right-wing media. Leading pundit, Glenn Beck has led a group of sycophants, who have been tarnishing the billionaire’s good name in the media. Beck has led a concerted effort whose aim has been to accuse George Soros of attempting to destabilize the US. The commentator similarly accuses Beck of advancing radical progressivism. Recently, another pundit alleged that Soros is solely responsible of the prevailing European refugee crisis. Russian media has similarly been awash with reports that Soros has been taking part in electioneering in Europe for personal gains.

Conspiracy theorists have also muddied the waters for Soros. The bigoted ones have based their arguments on the George Soros emails to argue that the hedge fund investor is of no good to the American society. They have been the most unforgiving cohort of anti-Soros campaigners. This is a ridiculous representation of a man who has dedicated billions of dollars to support liberation causes in different parts of the world. George Soros has been bravely opposing totalitarian, murderous and pervasive regimes. Therefore, it beats logic why rumormongers should be spreading spiteful information about him through platforms such as George Soros WikiLeaks pages.

Individuals such as Glenn Beck have been open in their attacks, which at times border on slander. Beck has been using his shows to smear Soros and his foundation. Glenn Beck’s anti-Semitic attack against George Soros have been going on for more than five years. The attacks have been based on lies and innuendos. Beck has also come to the support of individuals such as Jackie Mason, who described the hedge fund billionaire as a self-hating Jew. This article was first published on Raw Story.

Learn more about George Soros: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros