Lime Crime’s New Vision

LimeCrime has done it again. It has recently partnered with the e-commerce giant Revolve. This dynamic-duo has teamed-up to expand both of the brands’ product lines and here is why. LimeCrime has been a strong fixture in the cosmetics business for the past few years. Unlike its many stagnant competitors, this brand is always looking to push the envelope in a variety of ways. Lime Crime has expanded into China, and it has set itself up for a successful endeavor. By marketing its products through Revolve, it has by-passed the logistical-headache in more ways than one.

This e-commerce hub is combatting counterfeit products, which are prevalent in China. The country is always ranked at the top position for knock-offs, and it’s already selling Lime Crime’s lip topper product. Thanks to Revolve, Lime Crime can market its products directly to consumers who want authentic products. On top of that, Revolve will be the only place to purchase the brand’s high-profile cosmetics. By doing so, this company has been able to build a solid seed-audience before ever selling one product. The idea was genius in a sense because it gives Lime Crime and Revolve great exposure. Over one million counterfeit lip toppers have been sold in the Chinese market, but now the consumers will have a chance to purchase the real products. Lime Crime doesn’t have to deal with taxes, fees or manage duties, which comes along with the logistical-process.

Revolve has been able to expand its beauty segment, and it fits perfectly with what Lime Crime is trying to achieve. This has been a win-win situation on both sides. The company decided to not work with first-tier influencers. It has chosen to work with influencers who are less-well-known because these individuals are truly passionate about the products. This is the new vision for 2018, and it appears to be a winning-solution.