How Roberto Santiago Minds His Reputation For His Mall

There are many factors to the success of a shopping mall. One of the factors that people seem to associate with success when it comes to malls is the size of the mall. However, there are plenty of other factors that go into the success of the mall. For instance, reputation has a lot of influence over the success of an individual or a business. This is one thing that Roberto Santiago has understood. Therefore, he has done everything he can to make sure that he has a good reputation so that he can continue to attract customers and keep bringing in innovations.


One thing that Roberto Santiago does for his reputation is make sure that the shops that he has in his mall are offering something that is positive for the customers. For instance, he makes sure that he has stores that are selling items that are good for the environment. He is also encouraging stores that help people with their passions and aspirations to open up in one of the spots in the mall. This helps customers work towards something positive for their lives. When people have places to go to build their careers, then they are going to be willing to visit that place in the future.


Another thing that Roberto Santiago does with his mall is make sure that he has some of the best security in place so that customers can feel safe. He is aware that some illegal activity can cause customers to feel unsafe and make them unwilling to shop at that place. Therefore, he makes sure that he hires security that is willing to make sure that the environment stays safe for customers. They are also efficient about making sure that they are going after the right people.


One of the best things about Manaira Shopping is that it is designed so that people will not only get products they like, but will also make positive leaps in their lives. Therefore, they will get a lot from Manaira Shopping. For instance, one of the best features of Manaira Shopping is the college they have in the mall.


Tony Petrello Turned Struggle Into Success

Anthony (Tony) Petrello is one of the most important individuals in the United States of America. Although he is not a popular figure that makes speeches to the masses or has interviews on the television screen. Tony Petrello is someone to get to know about.

The friends of Anthony Petrello would say that Tony deserves every achievement and every dollar he has earned. The describe him to be a humble and honest man. Being a man such as Petrello will bring its fair share of those who love you and those who are jealous of you. In 2014 Tony earned $68.2 million dollars and became one of the United States of America’s highest paid CEO’s. Tony was CEO of Nabors Industries which is one of the top natural gas and oil drilling firms in the industry.

Tony Petrello grew up knowing what is is to work hard for things as he grew up with his parents in Newark, New Jersey as part of the working class community. The neighborhood that Petrello grew up in was mostly Italian. Tony has come a long way from the Italian Newark neighborhood to being the leader of one of today’s top oil companies.

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Tony Petrello understands that in order to be successful, one must put in the work. As a young child Petrello would spend hours on end studying textbook once he learned to read on his own. A young Tony was able to master differential calculus. The level of intelligence that Petrello had as a child when it came to mathematics was that of a trained logician or physicist.

Watching his parents stuggle is what motivated Tony Petrello for the future. He stayed up late at night studying everything he could about logic and mathematics. His drive was so that he could provide for his family and promise them a better life in the future. At the age of 18 Tony Petrello was awarded a full scholarship to Yale due to his linear algebra and calculus level being at a Ph.D. level. This scholarship brought great relief to Tony’s parents. They no longer had to worry about how they would pay for him to go to college and they knew that with the education that Tony would be receiving at Yale University, it would form a foundation for him to have a wonderful future.

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 OSI Industries Won’t Stop New Growth

OSI Industries is a fast-growing company. They started out relatively small and continued to grow to get to levels most other companies were unable to do. The company saw a lot of opportunities in different businesses and chose to work with them to make their own business better. They also saw there would be new opportunities when it came to other options they had available. As long as OSI Industries could try to help people, they felt confident they would be making the most out of the business. They scored major contracts with international companies because of their mindset.

When they started working with international companies, OSI Industries knew they would need to start growing their company. They knew their initial position in the United States would work for a short period, but it wouldn’t work for what they wanted to do. They wanted to go global. Their reach was going to make a huge difference and that’s how they planned to try different things to get to where they felt comfortable. They also wanted to make sure people understood they were trying their best with the company opportunities they had. It was their way of giving attention to the issues in the food industry.

While doing all of this, OSI Industries wanted to try to maintain an attitude of sustainability. They felt it would be important to be a part of an industry focused on sustainable efforts. They knew the food industry was not thinking about sustainability, but they wanted to do it. Because of this, they set the standard for the industry. They started to be sustainable about their practices and other companies followed. Now, they are trying even harder to make sure they can do things the right way. They want companies to realize there is more to the food industry than just producing without being responsible for damages.

Even though they like to think about sustainability, OSI Industries also likes to produce as much as they can. Their ideas to produce as much as they can come from the hard work they put into the business. They want to show people how things will get better. They also want to give other companies the food they are looking for. Even their latest acquisition, of a Tyson plant, is a testament to their dedication to production. Since they know what they are doing, they feel confident they can produce everything the companies are looking for. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

As long as they continue to acquire different businesses, OSI Industries knows they will be making the right choices. They also know they can try to give people what they are looking for. When they make the choice to acquire a new company, they are confident they can do it the right way. They are always looking for new options to take advantage of. All of the things they do allow them to try new things with new companies so they can make more money. Their business grows because they help other businesses grow. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Susan McGalla Paving the Way for Women Empowerment in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla is a world-renowned female entrepreneur, who is known for the success she has achieved in a male-dominated corporate world. Susan McGalla has become a torchbearer for women who want to make success in the corporate world and their career. Currently, she is head of marketing and strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers and has helped the firm increase their revenue manifolds. Susan McGalla says that there is no doubt about the fact that there are many women out there who have the potential to outdo men but are not getting the opportunity they deserve.

Susan McGalla says that the corporate world is still facing the glass ceiling problem, but the deserving women can go ahead in their career with ease. Susan McGalla feels that while there are many women empowerment and leadership programs out there, what can help women are more sponsorship opportunities. The sponsorship opportunities for women would help them get the cushion they need to succeed as well as the guidance that would propel them towards the right direction. What many women need to realize is some guidance and right opportunities, which is what the sponsorship programs would do for them.

Susan McGalla believes enterprises must also have an in-house mentoring program that would help the women to move ahead in the right direction. There are many deserving women professionals out there who are looking for a little bit of help from the right people, which would help them, excel in whatever field they are in. Susan McGalla says that women must also meticulously plan their career to ensure that they complete their studies in time and have the finance ready for higher education. Susan McGalla says that the companies should be more open to giving the women the chance they deserve, and not only at lower strata of management but also make room for deserving women employees in the top tier management positions.