Premium Dogs Deserve Premium Dog Food

It all starts when CEO, Richard Thompson, of a small gourmet-food manufacturer proves his obsession with fresh, great tasting premium dog food. Thompson has remained cautious of preservatives, time allowed to sit on the shelf, and a consistent habit to use only fresh ingredients in the manufactured dog food. This results in his Manufacturing Chief, Michael Hieger, to pick up a slice right off the manufacturing line and eat it like it was a freshly cooked and seasoned ham on Christmas day. This goes to prove exactly how good dog food has been able to be produced in recent years. Could you think about getting a splash of wet dog food in your mouth 5 years ago? However, now you can willingly eat it and perhaps end up favoring the taste! It’s actually quite amazing to how this manufacturer has changed the way people are buying pet food, and how pets seem to crave whatever fresh tasting ingredients they use. I remember feeding my dog an off brand of gourmet dog food, however after switching to Beneful I’ve noticed a change in attitude from my dog when attempting to switch back to the off brand. Not only has my dog acquired a taste for Beneful’s gourmet, but I’ve also noticed my dog with more energy than he usually has. The pet food industry sits among 23.7 billion dollars and I’m fairly certain that Beneful has been a factor in the surge for this new premium dog food that has been so great tasting and healthy for pets all over the world. These healthy innovations shouldn’t have consumers focused on price in my opinion, but rather on the fact that by feeding your pet food from companies such as Beneful, you can ensure they’re getting fed with proper nutrients that will help them live happier lives. It’s been predetermined by Thompson that this will be the next level of how people are going to feed their pets. The days where you have to feed your pet dog food only partially blended with salmon and lamb are over. You can now feed your pet a meal close enough to a turkey tasting delight.