How EOS Earned the Number Two Lip Balm Position

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is a lip balm company with a story to tell. The company began selling their lip balms in Walgreens pharmacies a short seven years ago, and today their products are all over Target, Walmart and Costco, EOS stands as a leader in the industry. EOS sells approximately one million lip balm units weekly, landing them the number two spot for product sales. Chapstick once help the number one spot (currently held by Burt’s Bees,) and Blistex stood at number two. For more than 100 years Chapstick held this leading position, but EOS came in with something to prove.

EOS lip balm created a trendy, fun product and that is something that Chapstick failed to offer. In fact, there wasn’t a lot of change in the Chapstick product in the 100 years it’s been around. The boring tube shaped container and limited flavors took a toll on trendsetters who were tired of the same-ole, same-ole.

EOS presented a product in a fun container, packed with a fun flavor and lip balm made with natural ingredients that soothed, softened, and protected the lips. Eight fun flavors now exist in the EOS lip balm line, though new flavors are coming soon! They made the lip balm fun to use and wear, continued to enhance the product and its features, and listened and interacted (email, social media, freebies,etc.) with those who couldn’t keep their hands off the orbs. They did everything a good company should do to get their way to the top and it paid off quicker than anyone could’ve imagined.

White Shark Media Review – 4 Reasons Their Clients Love Them

According to the White Shark Media homepage, within the last 12 months the company has managed over $35 million in ad spend. That alone should tell you this company knows what that they are doing.

Here are just a few of the many reasons their clients love working with them:

Reason #1 – They Have No Contracts

TOP SEOs said that at White Shark Media they don’t believe in contracts or retainer fees. Their number one priority is and will always be to get you the best possible results.

Their motto is to earn your business every month. That way if you aren’t happy you are free to take your business elsewhere at any time. This of course puts the pressure on them to deliver every month. Suffice it to say they have successfully been delivering results for the last 5 years.

Reason #2 – You Get A Dedicated Team Of Highly Trained AdWords Managers

As a White Shark Media client you are never on your own. As soon as you become a client you will have access to a dedicated team of AdWords managers. These are individuals who have years of experience in PPC marketing and know what it takes to help you reach your goals.

Having an experienced team behind you ensures you get the best possible results with every campaign.

Reason #3 – 100% Tracking

Remember, White Shark Media has one goal and that is to ensure every client gets results. In order to do that they must track every aspect of every campaign they set up.

Besides being able to track keyword performance, you will also be able to track e-commerce results and track phone calls. The best part is all of this is installed at no additional charge.

Reason #4 – You Get A Tailor Made Campaign

While most digital marketing agencies take a one size fits all approach, White Shark Media does the complete opposite. Each campaign they create is tailor made to your specific needs. This increases the likelyhood your campaign will be a success.

More About White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one of the few digital marketing agencies that has earned the honor of being a certified Google AdWords SMB partner. They are also a Bing Ads Elite SMB partner and were voted #724 on the Inc. 5000 list in 2015.

To learn more about White Shark Media and how they can help you grow your business visit them online at

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Information on the Highly Successful Company Nobilis Health

Nobilis Health is a wonderful company that specializes in healthcare management and development. They own several outpatient surgery centers. These are located in Houston and Dallas Texas. These include the Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Dallas, Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Houston, Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center Scottsdale in Arizona, and Kirby Surgical Center in Houston. Nobilis obtained a sixty percent stake at the surgical center in Scottsdale on September 23, 2014. It also took over management of this center on the same day.

At these centers Nobilis hires surgeons for a ton of different medical specialties. These include general surgery, spinal surgery, ear nose and throat, orthopedic surgery, and the management of pain. This company has helped managed over one hundred different surgical centers. Currently they are helping over sixteen surgical centers with their marketing. They help hire only the best professionals to fulfill these specialized fields of medicine and then manage them all through their career.

Nobilis health has many goals that it accomplishes on a daily basis. One of these goals is to provide the best healthcare possible for all their patients. They make sure that the quality of care is the best in the business. Another goal of theirs is to keep medical costs low. They don’t want people to have to pay a ton of money to get the medical services that they need to survive. Lastly, they strive to make every single patient satisfied with the care they receive. They want to make sure that every patient feels comfortable at their surgical centers.

Nobilis makes sure that every surgical center they manage is running at its full potential. They help hire professional healthcare workers. They also make sure that everything these professionals do is as efficient as possible. They are also in charge of marketing strategies and do a great job. Some of the management services Nobilis Health provides are legal, financing, licensing, and planning.

In December of 2014 the company decided to change its name from Northstar Healthcare to Nobilis Health Corp. This was to avoid confusion since other companies had the same name. The name was officially changed in the early months of 2015.

Nobilis Health continues to make a lot of revenue from its services. In November of 2014 it reported revenue of over seventeen million dollars. This increased over nine million dollars. When reports came out from the previous period they had only increased revenue over seven million. The fact that Nobilis Health continues to grow has helped the company bring in more revenue.

Nobilis Health is an excellent company. It helps manage many different centers throughout the United States. It strives to provide the best service to patients, the surgical centers it manages, and the medical professionals that work in these centers. They offer financial management to make sure that each surgical center is running as efficiently as it possibly can. Nobilis Health is the leading company in managing surgical centers and it provides a great model for other companies.

What Has Never Been Known For Susan McGalla As Both A Woman Of Value And a Leader

Ms Susan McGalla was brought up East Liverpool, Ohio with her 2 brothers. Their father was a coach of local footballer. Madam McGalla has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Business and Marketing. He graduated from Mount Union College where she was serving in the Board of Advisors. She is married to a wealth manager Mr Stephen McGalla

Susan McGalla is a well-known businesswoman. She is an executive consultant from Pennsylvania. Susan is a former chief merchandizing officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters Brand Inc. she is also a former West Seal Inc. chief executive officer. Recently she has received a title that has put her in charge of merchandizing, marketing and design of the new brands seen on American teens nowadays.

Ms McGalla started her profession when she was at Joseph Home Company. At Joseph Home Company is where she held several managerial and marketing positions from the year 1986-1994. Ms McGalla joined American Eagle, when the company was predominated by the male employees with no woman employee at the managerial position. Despite this, Ms McGalla became a divisional merchandize buyer for ladies’ clothing. She went ahead serving in American Eagle in several managerial positions until she emerged to be the American Eagle president and the topmost merchandizing official. She led this company exceptionally because previously she had been a company’s flagship prior being given a super priority by God to lead the entire company.

As company most superior leader, Ms McGalla controlled the launch of 77kids brands and aerie. In January 2009 Ms McGalla optioned to leave American Eagle Inc. with good heart and converted to Private Consultant for retailing financial industries investments. Because of her skills in leadership and great achievements, in 2009 Ms Susan was elected as one of the Board of Directors of HFF Inc. HFF Inc. is a public organization that offers commercial services for real estates. She was also appointed as in the Board of Magee-Women Research Institute and Foundation. She has also been a director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development

In 2011 Ms Susan handed the baton of leadership as chief executive officer-West Seal Inc. to Ed Thomas. In the following year July she parted left the company. Following her parting with the Wet Seal Inc., she established P3 Executive Consulting firm. Right now, she is the one directing the growth and the most strategic planning of Pittsburgh Steelers.

Being a participative woman in the community, Ms McGalla claimed to be equally comfortable with men and women and therefore, she has excelled most whenever working with both parties. Her instruments of success have been the confidence and the good heart has. She has never shied off whenever addressing her cases to audience.

Her achievements have been contributed by her family because they taught her on how to have confidence whenever presenting her good ideas and self-introducing regardless of her audience. This made her to be what she is today: a talented manager, expert consultant for branding and self-esteemed businesswoman.

The Outlook of Nestle Purina PetCare

Lovers of animals appreciate Purina PetCare Company, an entity that manufactures various best-known pet foods in the globe. The corporation has won different awards like the “Best in Show” award for having high-performing teams. The employees assert that Purina PetCare caters not only for their workforce but also for their pets.

Most Purina news is centered around producing pet foods, treats, different snack flavors and litter products for dogs and cats. The consumer packaged goods company engages in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of its products in the United States and Canada. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Purina PetCare has 24 manufacturing facilities with 20 located in the United States and the rest in Canada. Through the years, the corporation has been promoting responsible pet care and positive relationship between people and their pets. The entity has augmented its efforts in terms of safety management. The prevention-based approach has been designed to manage compliance of regulations besides anticipating public concerns over current and future operations and products.

The company has a wide array of product brands that have been quite imperative in enhancing its bottom line. Some of the brands manufactured and sold by the company are Purina, Purina Beneful, Purina One, Friskies and Purina Dog Chow. Given that Purina PetCare comprehends the different types of consumers in the market, they have segmented their consumers according to brands. Budget shoppers can purchase products like Alpo while the health or component conscious customers can shop for brands like Purina Beneful. It is crucial to note that athletic dogs have a special diet that encloses extra fat and protein.

Over the years, Purina PetCare has managed to augment its four-phase strategic planning process, which has been authenticated by experts in the industry. Market research, studies on workforce capability and voice-of the consumer information have been utilized to improve the entity’s retail landscape, refresh the current strategies and develop new frontiers in the market. The senior management of the corporation has always set visions and established values based on founders of the company’s “4 Talls” (Smile Tall, Think Tall, Stand Tall and Live Tall). With the current competition in the market, the company has established another tall (5th Tall), which is defined as creation of a tall with innovation. The enterprise ensures that it incorporates these ideals on new recruits.

Purina PetCare is a renowned company that deals in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of pet food. In furtherance of its objectives, the company ensures that it produces different brands based on the consumer’s ability to purchase and their ingredient or health orientations. The entity has employed many workers in its facilities located in the United States and Canada.