Doe Deere: Rebellion Against The Status Quo

Doe Deere Ideamensch
Lime Crime is a revolutionary new cosmetic line that has been taking the world by storm as of late. This one time small brand has transcended the industry in more ways than any other cosmetic line in recent years. Company founder Doe Deere has become a household name and one of the top female entrepreneurs over the past few years. The success of Lime Crime can be seen through magazine ads, billboards, and by the use of your average everyday individual.


Founder Doe Deere has always had a passion for make-up as she and her little friends would have sleep-overs together while modeling their favorite make-up brands. Deere stood out as she always had an eclectic sense of style and fashion. She loved to experiment with vivid and brightly colored tones compared to her friends. As Deere got older she began taking it to another level and in 2004, Deere launched the brand to an online market. The young entrepreneur sewed and modeled her very own signature line of cosmetics using the wildest of colors. She new that she had to set herself apart from other brands so she made the vividly toned line her staple or go-to-products. One thing she noticed was that there was a lack of bright colored lipsticks on the market. Deere had just found her niche and she pounced on it. The Velvetine Line of Lipsticks became her money maker, which took the brand from slightly noticed, to more of a mainstream level.


Lime Crime has become a leader in this digital society and it gets many views on social media accounts on a daily basis. The idea was genius and the time was right as Lime Crime took over the cosmetic scene in 2008. The brand has it’s own unique style and lives by a different mantra. There is no discrimination here as these cosmetics are universal/unisex. On top of that, Lime Crime is (Cruelty-Free by PETA) and is Certified Vegan Free. This makes the product even more desirable as it hosts no nasty side effects on the skin’s surface unlike many other brands.


A typical day for Doe Deere is coming in to work and having a brief meeting with her personal creative director. The two review the projects or tasks as hand and then began formulating strategies for improvements. Deere stated that she’s involved in many meeting throughout her work weeks and she finds time for development purposes in her make-up laboratory. Deere also tests the products herself before putting it in the successful lineup of her cosmetics. The future is looking bright for Doe Deere and to the consumers she supplies with her extravagant line of exclusive cosmetics.

Lime Crime Evolves, But Remains True To Its History

The Lime Crime range of cosmetics has been a major source of inspiration and new products for many people across the world who are looking to express their own personalities through the makeup they choose to wear. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Doe Deere, Lime Crime has recently been seeing a large amount of evolution in its products and marketing options without losing sight of the reasons the brand has become such a huge success. Lime Crime has made its impact on the fashion scene by making sure the image created by Doe Deere is followed in the products and marketing chosen for being launched. The coming approach Lime Crime takes will follow Deere’s own journey to a mature and understated look she feels is the perfect choice for all those looking to adapt their makeup to their work and personal lives.

This is not to say Doe Deere will not be continuing to add strong, bold colors to her range of cosmetics in the coming years as she works to increase the exposure and popularity of her brand. Lime Crime developed from the makeup Doe Deere began making for herself, in much the same way as the fashion line she initially developed evolved from her own sense of style. In terms of the makeup and cosmetics products being produced the chance to explore the personality of Doe Deere is presented in the range that has been produced. Deere is the product of many different cultural forms, which begin with her Russian parents and continue with the influence New York has played in her life and fashion choices. Active on social media and her own blog, Doe Deere makes sure her bold makeup choices are available to be viewed by her followers and act as a reflection of her own personality and feelings.

Lime Crime and Doe Deere are creating new products under the slogan “Don’t Quit Your Daydream”. This seems to be a constant theme in the work of the company, which has its marketing choices filtered by Deere herself who is insistent on the brand remaining loyal to the aims and goals she had as a young entrepreneur. One of the main aims of the company in recent times has been to make itself more open to the public to make sure everybody has the correct information about how the brand has developed and the products being produced. Deere has even gone so far as to produce short videos detailing the process of creating various types of makeup in a basic form to inspire those who follow her work and would like to follow in her footsteps as a creator of cosmetics.