Rolling Stone Magazine Talks With Dave Mustaine

Rolling Stone Magazine has an interview with Megadeath leader Dave Mustaine on their website. In the interview, Mustaine talks about Megadeath’s new lineup, his home in Nashville and the band’s history among other topics.

Mustaine tried to put together the classic Megadeath lineup from the “Rust in Peace” album for the current record. However, this fell through as the old members felt that he wasn’t offering a fair contract. So, Mustaine brought in some musicians he hasn’t worked with before. This is a good idea, in my opinion. Mustaine himself brings enough familiarity for old fans and the new players should give the sound some freshness.

Mustaine is now living near Nashville and says he enjoys the area a lot. He even goes duck hunting. He says he owns a home in San Diego, but he plans to sell it. I guess he’s successful enough as a metal musician to not have to live in Los Angeles.

Boraie Development LLC recalls how Megadeath has been an enormously successful act over the years, but Mustaine will always be known in part as the musician who got kicked out of Metallica. Rolling Stone didn’t mention the topic, but it’s always there beneath the surface.