Eric Lefkofsky efforts in the fight against cancer

Tempus, a startup based in Chicago IL has recently achieved Unicorn status, as it is now worth $1.1 billion. New Enterprise Associates, Revolution Growth, Kinship Trust Co. and T. Rowe Price Associates, are responsible for the latest investment of $80 million. Since 2015, Tempus has received $210 million in investments. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, and attributes the momentum in funding for the startup to the current space health information technology is in. We are on the cutting edge of a healthcare revolution. As more doctors incorporate electronic health records as part of their healthcare delivery methods, including electronic prescribing, there is lots of data in various health information technology nodes. Tempus is creating a platform that applies machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to identify trends and correlations to help fight cancer at the molecular level. Tempus is trying to create value from healthcare data to enhance the lives of cancer patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is also co-founder of Uptake, another data analytical tool, that allows data from various sources to be analyzed to identify concrete actionable solutions. Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorking are all leaders in their respective industries utilize Uptake as part of the quest to extract value for progress in security, transportation and health care among other sectors. Mediaocean provides integrated media resource and procurement technological tools. Echo Global Logistics, is logistic company that leverages the power technology to enhance transportation efforts. InnerWorkings provides printing solutions for businesses, including copiers, faxes, printers, and maintenance.

In 2006 the Lefkofsky Family Foundation was established. The Lefkofsky Foundation is a private not for profit organization with a mission to enhance the lives of individuals in the communities served. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation seeks to have equal access to education, improve human rights in underserved communities, and contribute to environments that encourage innovative medical research.

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Dr. Mark Holterman Strives to Better Pediatrics

Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgeon out of Wisconsin. He was the first in his family to attend college let alone enter the medical field. College was not always the plan for Holterman but he was thankful to go as it changed his life tremendously. He attended Yale university and majored in biology. He graduated in 1980 and decided to attend medical school. Read more Q&A at with Dr. Mark Holreman. He intended to become a pediatrician but also studied programs to become a medical scientist. During this time, he met and worked in the company of Ai-Xuan Le who is now his wife. Le inspired Mark Holterman to become a surgeon as well. The two graduated from medical school at the University of Virginia and went on to have three children. Today, Mark Holterman has many years of experience. He is the CEO of an investment firm that assists medical businesses. Read more on about Dr. Mark Holterman. On a daily basis, Holterman is working to benefit as many people as possible. He spends his time analyzing new methods of treatment, performing surgeries, and even volunteering. He works as a professor at the University of Illinois. Dr. Mark Holterman does this on top of performing surgeries at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center. Mark is obviously a busy man with many important roles. He and his wife Ai-Xuan Le have made many contributions in a charitable manner. After visiting a few Vietnamese hospitals for children, they noticed that the care techniques were not very good. Some of the care beds had as many as three patients in them. The hospital was overcrowded and unorganized. Another problem is that the hospitals are so far away from most people. Parents often want to stay too which results in overcrowding. They decided to take matters into their own hands. The couple have volunteered to assist charitable services that aid these hospitals. The programs require many volunteers to succeed. They are tough to keep running as most of their workers are indeed volunteers. Mark has done so much for these companies. On top of his hectic schedule, he is taking time to assist these people.

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a busy entrepreneur

The Tulane University Medical School graduate Dr. Mark McKenna is changing the face of healthcare. He is a proud patient advocate that stops at nothing to help his clients. He is a MD and MBA, but also has a few real estate businesses on the side. He is the Founder and CEO of OVME and Shape Medical Wellness Center. D. McKenna also owns McKenna Venture Investments with his father, which is a boutique real estate development firm. The successful entrepreneur continued on to launch and purchase Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Where does he find the time?

The doctor states he never really had a bad job because he always has worked for himself, a rare opportunities that most do not experience. He does look back at his young adulthood and think he should of slowed down more and not been in such a hurry. He says speed without direction is useless. Mark also wishes he would of found Mark’s passion earlier in life, something most people can really relate to. There are several things he does now to accomplish what he desires. These are to regularly set goals, visualization, and meditation is what he calls a recipe for success. Hard work and persistence is always included in that equation. Dr. McKenna’s days are very active starting at 6:30am. He goes all day, trains in JiuJitsu until 9pm, then works until he falls asleep. That is an active day for sure.

A native of New Orleans, LA, Dr. Mark McKenna helped rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina. Through his efforts to create low to moderate income housing, he became a humble community servant. In the destruction, most of his business interests were demolished. McKenna decided to move Atlanta, Georgia to start a new life.

Dr. Mark McKenna is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OVME. It is a medical aesthetic company that uses technology to reinventing elective healthcare. He is also the Founder and CEO of ShapeMed, which was sold to Life Time Fitness in 2014. Mark is currently the owner of Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Eric Lefkofsky – Chief Executive Officer of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is an American philanthropist and the co-founder of Tempus. He lives in Chicago where his company is situated. Tempus is a biotechnology firm that deals with the treatment of cancer patients. Besides, the organization also examines molecular and therapeutic information and provides genomic sequencing services allowing doctors to make real-time, data-driven decisions. As the CEO, Eric Lefkofsky is dedicated to dispersing the organization’s impact both nationally and internationally. Also, Lefkofsky wants to better the firm’s technology and expertise in treating cancer so as to increase the company’s influence in the society.

Tempus wants to help the physicians at the University of Chicago by providing them with information that will assist in improving breast cancer treatment. Tempus will provide molecular analysis, and sequencing to the institution to make personalized treatment plans for patients. The organization will also examine data from about 1000 breast cancer patients, to discover patterns that can predict how different convalescents will respond to the treatment.

Recently, Tempus has partnered with different organizations to fight cancer including the University of Chicago. Additionally, Tempus has also partnered with Penn Medicine, University of Michigan, Mayo Clinic, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, and the Rush University Medical Center.Find him on Facebook :

Apart from business activities, Eric Lefkofsky uses a lot of his wealth on various charitable endeavors as a way of giving back to the society. Moreover, Eric founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation together with his wife Liz in 2006. The main aim of Lefkofsky Family Foundation is to improve the living standards and quality of the people in the society. The foundation funds resources required in bettering arts and culture, medical research, fundamental human rights, education, and health care. Furthermore, Eric Lefkofsky is an active board member of various organizations located in Chicago such as the Museum of Science and Industry and Children’s Memorial Hospital. Eric Lefkofsky is also a trustee member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Dr. Sergio Cortes: an innovation in medicine

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian doctor whose work as an accomplished orthopedic surgeon is nothing short of remarkable. Dr. Sergio Cortes also serves as the secretary of health and Brazil’s civil defense in Rio de Janeiro. Doctor Sergio Cortes works with many health related issues effecting Brazilians ranging from contaminated water to Dengue fever. Dr. Sergio Cortes is committed to keeping people healthy and improving health coverage for all people as a reflection of his passion.It was recently discovered that in addition to dengue (an infection spread by mosquitoes causing flu-like illness), aedes and aegypti (two types of mosquitoes) has also been linked to the transmission of two types of viruses: the chikungunya and zika. Experts have confirmed the symptoms of these diseases being similar to each other; symptoms include high fever, body aches, pain behind the eyes, sore muscles and red spots on the skin says Dr. Sergio Cortes.

The arrival of these new viruses makes it very important to understand the difference between each disease. The major symptoms of dengue compared to other diseases include pain behind the eyes as well and muscle aches. Dr. Sergio Cortes has stated that it is important to clarify any similarities between the symptoms of the zika virus and chikungunya. Nurse Bruno Del Guerra, of the Epidemiological Surveillance Itapetininga, points out predominant signs according to each disease. Symptoms of the zika virus is itching and red eyes. Symptoms of chikungunya are intense joint pains.

Doctor Sergio Cortes has been the Rio de Janeiro’s State Secretary of Health since 2007; his medical background has made him a sure fit for the job. He also served as a medical member of the Brazilian Olympic committee in 1996. He served as an expert at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics for 16 years.

Dr. Sergio Cortes posts articles about various medical related topics on his website. He points out that the wrong posture of sitting in a chair for extended periods of time while working can lead to many back related problems. He goes on to say that many people with back pains enter a hard to break cycle of illnesses. He advises changing posture occasionally, taking breaks and mild exercises can significantly reduce these problems. He has detailed specific exercise and stretch routines that can help alleviating back problems safely. He points out how crucial it is to follow medical treatment in any medical situation for maintaining proper health mitigating the effects of a medical condition.

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Getting to Know Renowned Plastic Surgeon Rod Rohrich

Rod Rohrich has for many years been known as one of the premier plastic surgeons in the U.S. His status was cemented last year when he was recognized in the prestigious listing of top surgeons by D, the Dallas-based cultural magazine. Beyond his surgical practice, Dr. Rohrich is known for his many writings, lectures and media appearances, and for his notable philanthropic activities.
Originally from North Dakota, young Rod received his education at the college and university level in his home state before receiving his medical degree from Baylor University, in Texas. Completing his general and surgical residency requirements at the University of Michigan Medical Center, he obtained additional training at Oxford University, in England, and at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Rohrich joined the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1986, where he would for more than two decades serve as the chairman of its plastic surgery department.
His specialty areas include breast reduction and body contouring.
Dr. Rohrich has been at the center of many advances in plastic surgery throughout his medical career, helping in the discovery of new techniques and procedures in such areas as facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty. His work has in fact been credited with making these and other forms of plastic surgery safer and more efficient. He even has a patent on a particular type of breast implant. In additional to his work as a surgeon, Dr. Rohrich has been part of numerous medical organizations, including the National Endowment for Plastic Surgery, which he helped establish, and the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation. In terms of leadership roles, he has served as president of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.
Many of the contributions made by Dr. Rohrich to the field of plastic surgery have come in the form of writings and other presentations. In addition to serving as editor of the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he has published five textbooks and written hundreds of separate articles on the subject. His name has appeared in such publications as Newsweek magazine and the New York Times, and he has been seen on such television programs as “The Today Show” and “The View.”
In terms of helping others, Dr. Rohrich has served on the board of directors of the March of Dimes and the Dallas chapter of the American Cancer Society. He and his physician-wife Diane are members of the Dallas for Children Foundation, which is dedicated to the developmental needs of underprivileged youngsters. Dr. Rohrich is himself the father of two children.