Nurturing the New Ukraine, George Soros

George Soros Ukraine states clearly the need to save the New Ukraine. Soros points out that a new Ukraine was founded recently in the pro-European demonstrations that impeached President Victor F. Yanukovych. The determination that made thousands assemble and unite still exists despite the presence of direct military assault from the Russian forces encouraging separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Soros shows that the new Ukraine is striving to be different from the old Ukraine that was corrupt and hopeless. The efforts to transform Ukraine have been reinforced by the desire to open the nation to modernity, democracy and Europe. This determination is significant in raising a voice to protect Ukraine’s territorial integrity from the separatists and promote fruitful activities. Maidan’s supporters are now nation builders and they are not in opposition anymore.

From Soros’ perspective, individuals working in government and parliament are volunteers who are determined to serve the nation. The volunteers are assisting many displaced Ukrainians and offering advisory services to ministers and local government.

Nevertheless, George Soros’ worry is that the New Ukraine is experiencing a resilient challenge from the old Ukraine; a bureaucracy state encouraging business oligarchy. Soros maintains that the reformers are opposed to the resentment of the Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, whose intention is to stabilize Ukraine. The problem is that the new Ukraine is still a secret, as it has not been disclosed to the world and the Ukrainian public and the radical reforms are yet to be executed.

Soros gives more insight by pointing out that Ukraine is a participatory democracy, which does not depend on one leader but on checks and balances. He believes that although democracy is slow, it is advantageous in the end. However, Soros’ main query is, will the long run exist? Despite Russia being in a bad financial crisis, Mr. Putin seems determined to destroy the new Ukraine even before stabilizing itself and the economic insecurity destroying his own fame.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Soros further reveals that the Russian president is creating the military and financial pressure on Ukraine. Ukraine urgently needs financial aid to be able to guard itself militarily. Soros urges the Western powers to commit themselves politically to offer Ukraine additional funds. The association of democracies, such as the European Union is very slow and this pleases Mr. Putin.

Soros underlines the significance of the European Union realizing that it is not only the future of Ukraine that is at risk but also its future. Failure of Ukraine would empower Russia over the European Union based on the rule of force and not power. Soros offers an alternative of Europe providing financial help to Ukraine, which would force Mr. Putin to stop his antagonism. A firm and successful Ukraine will reveal that the blame for Russia’s financial problem is Mr. Putin.

Soros’ remarks are that the success of Ukraine would make the Russian public force Mr. Putin to follow the new Ukraine. The award for Europe would be a new Russia transformed from a powerful tactical threat to a prospective strategic partner.

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How Do Economists Learn About the Economy?

The economy is a very complex subject. Entire books have been written on different types of economic theories. The reason economic theory is difficult is because it changes over time. Populations almost always grow over time. Certain resources definitely become more scarce. Economists have to look at the big picture when it comes to the economy. Simply creating jobs doesn’t cause a society to be productive. Governments need to balance inflation and deflation. They need to make sure that the land’s resources are being put to the best use. All economists would probably say that economies should ideally benefit people. Economics is the study of consumer choices.

Becoming a professional economist is hard work. A background in finance is usually required. Economics majors are statistically some of the highest paid college graduates, but economics is also one of the hardest college courses to pass. Understanding the math behind the economy is only half of the picture. Economists also have to come up with valid theories on why consumer choices are having an effect on the market. This may seem confusing to outsiders. We assume that free market systems function the way that they do because they’re set up that way, but that isn’t the case. The only thing that the United States government really controls is regulation and taxes. Even currencies may be decentralized from the dollar. Many people have recently invested in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is decentralized from the United States dollar because of the way it is created.

The best economists often go against the grain of popular opinion. Christian Broda is an economist that has argued that China and Walmart have been good for the middle class. He argues that they’ve helped keep American prices low. Most economists would argue that international trade is good for all economies. Broda suggests that globalization is good for high income countries.

There are no guaranteed rules on market behavior in economics. Math is still a very important aspect of any economics major. Economists need to use calculus on a daily basis. Courses in business calculus are usually required. An economist may work for a government or banking institution. They almost always work within the financial sector. Economists may be called in by governments to determine the best ways to stabilize the economy. Economic crashes in the American system typically happen when the amount of loans that are being issued get thrown out of balance. Economists have a few stable rules that they can consult when they are not sure how a market is going to behave. Prices almost always fluctuate. New technology may make a profession obsolete within a year. Economists can only look at the data and come up with their own statistical analysis.