Getting the Hair Look You Want With WEN by Chaz Dean

It seems like everywhere you look or each time you refresh Pinterest there’s some new haircare trend to try, like coconut oil or hair masks. Cleansing conditioners are also all the rage right now, but they’re actually not a new trend. WEN has been around – and giving women beautiful hair – since the early 2000s.

Chaz Dean is a celebrity hairstylist with tremendous empathy and gentle soul. His belief in a natural lifestyle and a desire to give everyone the healthy, beautiful hair they deserve led him to develop WEN cleansing conditioner and its accompanying styling products.

Our hair faces tremendous stress every day, from environmental damage to overuse of heating products. Using a cleansing conditioner can help restore its natural balance. WEN works for all hair types, and is simple to use; you simply rinse your hair, massage the cleansing conditioner into your scalp, and rinse again.

One young woman recently tried WEN cleansing conditioner and wrote about her experience for Bustle, an online magazine for women. She has very fine hair and was initially skeptical that WEN would work on her hair. But after a week of using the product, she noticed that fewer strands were falling out while she showered, and that her hair was shiny and healthy after she used the product and blow-dried it. She was impressed with the results of using the product.

Wen products are available on your local Guthy-Renker and QVC beauty stores nationwide.

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