Susan McGalla, Former President of American Eagle, an Astute Business Woman, and an Executive Consultant

In today’s business world women, would prefer to be seen as professionals and not just women. One such woman has made a career of succeeding in a male oriented business world. She founded a company called P3 Executive Consulting and has given expert advice to women as to how to get ahead in their business ventures. That woman is Susan McGalla, who herself had to fight to make a name for herself in businesses where the executive staff members were all men.


This is the problem that Susan faced when she joined American Eagle. She found that there were no women in any executive position or on the board of directors. She worked hard and excelled there and said that it was an experience of a lifetime for her. The timeframe between 2000 and 2010, Susan left her mark on American Eagle. She feels that her rise in that company is what is responsible for a cultural change that resulted in men and women both building one of the most successful corporate cultures around.

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Susan McGalla, after holding several management positions with American Eagle ended up being the president and chief merchandising officer for them. She became a private consultant in 2009, leaving American Eagle. Her consulting work is in retail and financial investment industries. In 2011 Susan became the chief executive officer for Wet Seal, Inc, a woman’s clothing retailer.

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After leaving Wet Seal Susan McGalla formed P3 Executive Consulting and advises her clients on such matters as marketing, operational efficiencies, branding and talent management. She has given talks to such as the Carnegie Mellon University in their Speakers Series for CEO’s, and the Women and Girl’s Foundation in Pittsburgh.


According to, Susan was born in East Liverpool, Ohio where she graduated from Mount Union College and earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. Today she can boast that she is the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy for the Pittsburg Steelers.

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