OSI Group has Made a Great Legacy

Osi Group has made a name for itself in the food processing industry. The company began as a meat processing firm in USA. Today, it has extended to other parts of the world. OSI has also acquired other companies as part of its growth. The company has a very long history as it is very old. It started as Otto & Sons in 1928 and after Sheldon Lavin took over, the name changed to OSI Group.
The change of name also meant that the approaches, strategies and management would also change. Since then, OSI Group was set to deliver quality, customer satisfaction and increase lean production. The headquarters are in Chicago with other plants in Geneva, California, Iowa, Utah and Wisconsin. These plants have played a big role in increasing efficiency and production.
Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect of OSI Group. CSR in OSI entails sustainability. It encompasses economic, social and environmental practices. OSI Group has come this far because of maintaining this integrity. The company has also been participative in community development. OSI is grateful to the public because it is a stakeholder of the company. Efforts of protecting the environment have also made OSI Group win awards.
Since OSI Group started, it has acquired some other companies. The goal was to increase variety and choices for customers. Quality is also a vital goal for the company. The two companies that have been absorbed by OSI are Tyson and Baho Foods. The company has increased performance and service delivery to its clients. It has also increased OSI’s market share and the growth of the brand globally.
The owner, CEO and chairman of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. He has worked hard to bring the company this far. Also, the employees have also played a major role in making the company a success. OSI Group is a great place for career growth and success. The company receives freshly graduated candidates as long as they are passionate about their work.
OSI Group is a platform that promotes inclusivity and diversity. Everyone is different and their contribution is valuable to the company. By pooling all the talent from employees, the company receives the best from the workforce. OSI Group also supports employees by organizing trainings, workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities. OSI Group is glad to be a place where people come to hone their skills as they help the organization achieve its goals.

Read about the Famous Wine Merchant: The Antique Wine Company

The antique wine company is a wine and spirits manufacturing business entity that was founded more than two decades ago by its current CEO Stephen Williams.

The company has its headquarters in Marylebone, in central London and its outlets in Asia. The Antique Wine Company supplies its fine wines to hotels, private individuals, restaurants and universal wine trade.

Over the years, the Antique Wine Company has grown to garner more than 20000 clients in more than 70 companies.

While pursuing its passion for old vintages, the wine produced are made of contemporary old vineyards that have the capability of becoming the old wines of the future (antiques of the future).

Irrespective of the wine, Antique Wine Company only sells exceptionally fine wine. Since its establishment, the wine company has been producing the best wine and holds over 10000 bottles of vintage collections in cellars.

The Antique Wine Company is well known for its outstanding collections of occurrences consisting of fine wine.

Some of its other services include sourcing for rare wines, teaching private wine class sessions at a mastery level, and proper cellar planning.

With cabinet designer- Viscount David Linley, the Antique Wine Company has designed and created “Grand Chateau Series”. The cabinets are handcrafted with intricate designs of some of the today’s best châteaux in “Bordeaux” holding 18 bottles, each bottle from its corresponding rank (estate).

In 2011, the merchant company surprisingly broke the world record for selling the most valuable bottle of “white” wine in the month of July.
In the same year, the company bought one of the best lot in the world, at a wine auction in France. The lot contained 460 liters of red wine. It was later sold for 110, 000 euros to an actor named Christian Clavier and a model by the name Ines de la Fressange.