QI’s Leader Joseph Bismark

In today’s dog eat dog world of fast moving deals and financing, spirituality is the last thing most people think of when considering the corporate world. But one company is breaking that stigma. The QI Group of Companies, led by the dynamic Joseph Bismark, has incorporated a spiritual based approach to tackling the business world. A global company that employees more than 1500 in over 30 countries, QI focuses on helping people find solutions that drive entrepreneurship, looks for ways to make living in urban areas better, and seeks to reform education. What all of these have in common is that they are goal oriented tasks that focus on the spiritual side of humanity, as directed by Bismark. His vision is helping to make the world a better place by helping individuals find inside themselves the building blocks to become greater.

Joseph Bismark believes that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” His insatiable quest for knowledge keeps him moving ever forward. This drive led him to study and become a vetted Vedic philosopher, following the Vedas, religious scriptures that were written between 1500-1000 BCE in India. These texts are written in Sanskrit and contain the oldest known written texts of Hinduism. Additionally, Bismark is a yoga instructor, a devoted martial artist and a bonsai master. His outlook on life keeps him on the positive side of life, living to bring out the positive energy in every situation. He is a devoted follower of the Absolute Truth, a votary of the Lord and an aspirant servant. This quote from Joseph Bismark embodies his outlook: “We are not the physical body, we’re spirit-souls. True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body.”

Bismark believes that everything should be done with a consciousness, keeping spirituality alive in all aspects of life. His upbeat attitude is infectious and carries over into every business proposition he undertakes. Bismark encourages others to approach business with their spirituality in tact, bringing with them the quiet assuredness that forms the basis of all his transactions. These principles have helped Bismark bring something unique and meaningful into the business world. His desire to see others succeed with serenity has helped solidify his talents as a business leader. By integrating spirituality into business, Bismark maintains positive relationships among colleagues future business contacts. Many have succeeded by following his example.