The Beneful Brands That People Adore

Purinastore‘s Beneful has a lot of varieties. Loyal customers that are fans of the dog food produced by Beneful will usually have a few favorites among all the variety that is currently out there.
I personally think that my dogs are the most impressed with Chopped Blends by Beneful. The good thing about the Chopped Blends is that it comes available in a lot of different varieties. There are fruit and a lot of other ingredients that have made Beneful one of the most popular blends on the Amazon online market. It is rather impressive because it has fruits and vegetables.

Beneful is a better brand than many of the others because it is affordable. The quality is good, and it doesn’t make consumers break the bank to buy it. It is interesting to see how the Beneful brand is emerging, and the Beneful Tuscan Medley is one of the best among the medleys. I would probably compare it to the Alpo Roasted Chicken with the Top Sirloin. My dog likes the Tuscan Medley much better though.

Beneful also has the Beneful Beef Stew. Lots of people favor this because it has the real meat. There are still lots of other brands out there that are similar, but Beneful seems to have the best among the Beneful Beef Stew brands.

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There certainly are a lot of brands out there that are worth considering, but Beneful has managed to thrive because the company has food that caters to a wide range of needs. I have seen how Beneful has helped some dogs lose weight with the Beneful Healthy Weight. I have even seen the Beneful brand get a lot of buzz because it also has food for puppies as well.

Beneful is an interesting brand, and a lot people like to go with the Beneful Originals. There are chicken and beef flavors available. I think that this is good because even the Beneful Originals provides two choices for consumers. I like the way that the brand has continued to thrive as the varieties expand. I think that it offers something for about all dogs.

Beneful and Freshpet Lead Way in Dog Food Revolution

The pet food industry is a hidden monolith that people don’t take the time to gawk at and truly respect. Just last year we saw pet food businesses rack up an incredible $24 billion in combined revenue. This means that there is some serious cash getting thrown around by some serious players in the game. With so much money on the line it has become something of a necessity that new companies try to innovate in order to keep up. Let’s take a look at some of those innovations right now.
There are pet owners and then there are pet owners who try to do everything they can to maximize their dog’s health. That is the target demographic that Pennsylvania’s Freshpet is trying to cater to. Freshpet is a rather new industry giant that is changing the way facebook users look at dog food and they are doing this by creating a product that is literally good enough for humans to eat. Putting ingredients on a premium has been the #1 way in which Freshpet has gained traction. They are focused on GMO free, all organic, fresh food and produce while limiting filler products and completely excluding preservatives. In fact CEO Richard Thompson regularly displays how good the food is by sampling it in front of guests while giving tours of the factory.

Right now we are seeing everyone in the industry leap in and try to innovate. Whether you are looking at PurinaStore‘s new ‘custom treat’ website (, where consumers can create the blend of food they want, or Beneful‘s focused line of quality foods — everyone is getting active. The biggest sin for most consumers has been the over abundance of preservatives in dog food and this concern has been almost completely put to pasture.

If you wanted a name for this movement you could call it ‘eat like your owner’ and so far it has been really changing the game. We’ve seen sales for premium dog food absolutely skyrocket over the past five years, jumping 45% to a value of almost $11 billion according to This is only the beginning, we’re sure, of an informed pet food industry.