Wikipedia Embraced by University for Academic Submissions


When one thinks of academic papers and Wikipedia the natural thought is that it cannot be used as a source for papers. However, one university has decidedly taken the opposite approach. Born out of the problem that existed of students not collecting their papers after they professors had taken extended time to leave specific comments, the thought occurred that if the papers were actually published the feedback from either Wikipedia editors, or other users would be more useful. So the University of Sydney has made it mandatory coursework that students will make or edit a Wikipedia page in place of sitting for exams or writing essays.

Sydney’s English department chair, Dr. Rebecca Johinke said, “We don’t want to waste our time writing long-winded comments that may not ever e read and instead want to provide useful feedback that students understand and appreciate.” She went on to say, “That feedback doesn’t always need to come from their teacher, but it can and should also come from their peers and others. There is value in having an audience of more than one.” Certainly it is a learning experience for the students as submitting into Wikipedia can be difficult due to the stringent submission guidelines. 

Because guidelines are so difficult to get right many have found that it is worthwhile to use a Wiki writing service to submit individual pages or corporate pages. Get Your Wiki  is one such Wikipedia writing company. They offer their clients an opportunity to submit pages about themselves or about their business’s and have a money back guarantee should the pages not be accepted and published. The money back guarantee seems to be enough of an incentive that people are taking advantage of having seemingly unlimited exposure that Wikipedia business page creation provides but applied to their benefit in a commercial application. Their Wikipedia editors for hire will craft a page for you that follows all of Wiki’s guidelines and rules and also shows an unbiased view of your company. Hiring a Wikipedia writer ensures you will be getting all the benefits of the page without any of the hassle.

Currently, Wikipedia is the seventh most visited site on the internet. It’s arguably the absolute largest public resource online. Wikipedia being not-for-profit has kept the site from going overly commercial with advertising. The interesting thing is that the site is 85% funded by donations under $100 from individual users, that’s a better percentage than even public television. Wikipedia’s reach is astronomical with over 500 million unique visitors and 18 billion page views per month. So it makes just good sense that people would take advantage of such a high volume of traffic in which to expose their business. Using a service such as Get Your Wiki is sensible as having a page on the most trusted site in the internet is enough to wow even the most skeptical prospects.