Thor Halvorssen Has Got A Point

You may or may not support Bernie Sanders, but even though Thor Halvorssen has lost family to ardent socialist regimes, he has given the biggest possible contribution within the bounds of law to the Sanders campaign. Understanding why may take a moment.

Thor Halvorssen is well-known across the US for his philanthropic, pro-humanitarian pursuits. He is a film producer as well as a philanthropist, and currently is working with Bryan Singer on an adaptation of the acclaimed science fiction novel, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. Halvorssen is exceptionally leftist, but despite that he has acknowledged human rights abuses are often fundamentally tied to socialism. In fact, in a recent Fox News interview, he has even said that the two are fundamentally correlated. While he acknowledged that in some instances socialistic practices could yield results that weren’t in egregious discord to human rights, the implication is that governments which become socialistsoon abuse the rights of the people. Thor also pointed out several examples where socialist government tried to bureaucratize the economy and ended up facilitating famine. Famine is definitely an abuse of human rights.

So Thor understands that socialism isn’t the pie-in-the-sky utopia most Bernie Sanders supporters think it is. The Fox News anchor with whom he was having the interview was careful to point out that Bernie Sanders supporters don’t always understand the concept of socialism. Thor Halvorssen is not one of this kind. No, the reason he supports Bernie despite the socialistic ideology that maintains the man is because the front runner of the Democratic party is fundamentally worse. According to Halvorssen, Clinton is regularly funded by dictatorial regimes. He also pointed out that Cruz, the Republican front-runner, is likewise funded by anti-humanitarian regimes. And as a leftist, he can’t vote Trump; so what choices does Thor have left but Bernie Sanders?

Thor’s decisions in this election are reflective of the country’s general political environment right now. People aren’t necessarily voting for someone because they think that person is a good choice for president, they’re voting for someone because they think the person in question is likely to do the least damage to the country. That’s a frightening thought from any political perspective. Read more about Thor Halvorssen in this Forbes article.

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