Iggy Azalea Has Cancelled Her Tour Completely

Nick Jonas was one of the opening acts for her tour, and he moved on to start working on other projects, including his own upcoming tour. Iggy Azalea’s Tour. Many expected that Iggy would be starting the tour in September, but now the tour has been completely scrapped. Iggy has finally explained why she has canceled the tour, but many are skeptical if what she is saying is the truth. Iggy had postponed the tour in the first place because she didn’t feel she would be able to put on a show that was worthy of her fans.

After additional time had passed, Iggy is now saying that the entire tours is canceled because in keeping the current schedule, she wouldn’t be able to start the tour until very late in the year. Iggy has decided to scrap the entire tour, and she will be adding new music to another tour that she may be doing in 2016. Iggy will be coming out with an album in the future, and she plans to have her newest music on the upcoming tour. Any fans who have paid money for their tour tickets, they will be refunded in full if they return their tickets where they bought them at.