Paul Mampilly – 60,000 Subscribers and Counting

Paul Mampilly’s 60,000 newsletter subscribers, since only last year, is an accomplishment worth mentioning. This special achievement is considered as one of the fastest subscriber accumulation in financial industry history. Paul has pinched in his 20 year investment experience and investment knowledge seasoning, into his newsletters, and has succeeded tremendously with s very delectable investment prediction platform.

Paul Mampilly signed with Banyan Hill publishing just last year to start his newsletter venture, “Profits Unlimited”. His purpose of starting this newsletter business was strictly for the benefit of directing mainstream Americans to opportunities of profitable investments. Each month Paul mails out an eight page newsletter regarding recommendations on a new stock that is due to strike gold. In addition to monthly stock updates, weekly newsletters updates are also produced for tracking his chosen stocks of future profitability predictions. His chosen stocks includes at least four that are up at least 18% with highs as extensive as a 38% increase.

There are a number of testimonials which claims his stock picking reliability when it comes to profitability. There are two of many worth mentioning. One subscriber reveals profits of $45,190 after applying Paul’s picks. Another subscriber claims an 160 percent increase after picking stock from a Paul recommendation.

Paul Mampilly has a reputation of picking winning stocks. In 2008, he saw the future of television moving to streaming videos online, so he bought Netflix stocks, and later, in 2010, he sold it for a 634 percent gain. Other winning investments includes: OLED Universal Display Corporation, which had a 239 percent gain, Facebook – 279 percent gain and Whole Foods, which accumulated a 298 percent gain.

Who is Paul Mampilly? An American investor, born in India. 25 years of investment experience, started his investment career in 1991 as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank. His work history involves money management for the following businesses: Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears and a private Swiss bank. He was recruited by the Kinetics International Fund to take on a management role. His management role helped propel the firm’s assets to $25 billion, making that firm, under his management, number 1!

60,000 subscribers to a newsletter within a year is a major accomplishment. With the extremely successful history of Mr. Paul Mampilly and his proven winning stock predictions, it is no wonder why so many Americans flock to his newsletters. Paul Mampilly is definitely a success story!

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