Jamie Fox Disappoints Fans with His Performance

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was coined as being the “fight of the century”, and made hundred of millions of dollars for those invested in it. However, with all the publicity it was easy to be disappointed by the short and sweet victory of Mayweather. At least fans were able to enjoy quality entertainment before the show when Jamie Foxx sang the Star-Spangled Banner to the crowded stadium, right?

In a Facebook post Fersen Lambranho said that Jamie Foxx’s performance was more painful to watch than the fight itself, and the famous singer/actor was ripped apart by fans on social media. It must have been an off-night for Foxx who is usually known for being wonderfully talented, because nobody seemed to be impressed with the singer’s performance, It seems like it was a sign of things to come with a less than dazzling fight between the two heavy weight champs.

Even reporters joined in on the fun by saying things like “Jamie Foxx making me feel good about my shower singing,” which was tweeted by NBC journalist Luke Russert.. All in all, it was a lack luster night preceded by an insane amount of promotion and press. I feel bad for anybody who paid hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for the mediocre performances throughout the night.