Shared Office Space NYC Saves Businesses Money


Companies are always looking for ways to save money. These methods can vary greatly in their effectiveness. One of the most popular of these methods is the practice of sharing office space with other companies. This sort of mutual arrangement between companies has been going on for 20 years. However, it has exploded in popularity during the past decade as the bad economy caused companies to seek additional ways to lower their expenditures while also maintaining their productivity. Studies have shown that shared office space is mutually beneficial to both of the companies that are involved in this sort of arrangement.

Shared office spaces consists of a single area that is shared by the employees of two or more companies. The reason that companies are willing to do this comes down to money. It is much cheaper for companies to share the rent on an office space than footing the bill on their own. It is the same reason why people have a roommate that allows them to pay half the rent they would if they lived alone. The significant financial savings offered by shared office space enables companies to keep their costs low during their crucial early days when money is tight and customers are hard to come by.

One of the most popular cities for shared office spaces is San Francisco. This is due to the large amount of tech startup companies that employ mostly young people. Studies have shown that young people are happy to work in the same office space as employees of a different company. They find that they can bounce new ideas off the people they are sharing their office with. This instant feedback enables an increased level of productivity for companies that are utilizing this type of shared office environment.

One of the leading companies in the New York shared office space industry is Workville. They are located not far from Times Square in New York City. They provide offices that are ready to move into. There are three outdoor terraces, a lounge area and a café that members can use. Workville currently has clients consisting of small businesses and startups. Their offices are in the building at 1412 Broadway on the 21st floor. Offices are cleaned on a daily basis. They can be accessed at any time of the day or night. Mail service, Internet, printers and private phones are offered to all members.