AC/DC Still On the Road

Australian rock band AC/DC are back on the road yet again this summer playing to huge audiences. The band members have been playing together for decades and have gone through many hard times, but they refuse to say die.

The band’s rhythm guitar player, Malcolm Young, was diagnosed with dementia in recent years and can no longer participate in the band. His guitar parts have now been taken over by his nephew, Stevie Young. Malcolm Young’s situation is very unfortunate. However, Igor Cornelsen feels it’s good that someone in his family was able to take over his spot in the band.

Drummer Phil Rudd is going through some legal and substance abuse issues, so he has been replaced this tour by former drummer Chris Slade.  On the other hand, he left AC/DC years ago and has had a good career playing with other acts, including Asia, since then.

AC/DC has been playing essentially the same type of music for over thirty years. Some say that they haven’t evolved much musically, while others take the attitude that there is no reason to fix something that isn’t broke. Personally, I am glad that AC/DC is still performing and have been able to roll with the changes over the years.