FreedomPop To Launch Wi-Fi First Phone

A story first published on CNet has revealed the budget friendly talk, text, and data provider FreedomPop will add its first Wi-Fi first cell phone in 2016. In recent weeks FreedomPop revealed the first refurbished cell phone it is offering for sale across the U.S., but is now adding its first ever purpose built cell phone that will automatically connect to Wireless Internet networks.

FreedomPop on dailymail is currently developing its first cell phone that will be available with the $5 premium service from the company, which can be added to the initial free data, text, and talk plan offered by the company. The cell phone itself will be developed using the popular Intel SoFIA chip that is well known by Smartphone users who are looking for the best service with a low cost. The low cost of the phone will see it retail between $99 and $199, these savings are largely available to the customer as the processor within the phone also includes the modem.

FreedomPophas been growing in popularity following the decision of founder and CEO Stephen Stokols to reject all the acquisition and merger bids made for the company at the end of 2014. Instead, FreedomPop has embarked on an expansion into a number of North American and European countries, which has allowed the company to bring free international calls to its customers.

The new phone has been designed to automatically seek out wireless networks within range to allow customers the opportunity to use VoIP calls for sending and receiving calls and texts. The service hopes the newly designed phone will allow customers the chance to retain their talk and text minutes for periods when they cannot connect to a Wi-Fi hot spot. Along with the data coverage of major cellular phone providers FreedomPop has completed deals with major retailers to allow customers to connect to their networks that often have large amounts of open unused space.

I Enjoy FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services, Especially The Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

The weather outside was very hot, and that’s why it makes no sense that I would forget to take my cell phone out of the car. It was only after I had been in the building for hours that I realized my cell phone was left behind, but I thought nothing of it until I got back to the car. When I got to the car my cell phone was fried, nothing worked, and the cell phone was overheated. I tried everything, but I couldn’t get my cell phone to work again, and even the memory card melted inside. I was in tears because I had all my best memories on the memory card, but then I thought about it, and I had backed up everything on my computer.

I learned a lesson about my cell phone, and the lesson is never to leave it in a hot car, especially when inside the car is over 130°. I had to get another cell phone, and I also chose to move on to another service provider. Before I bought a cell phone, I did some shopping around for cell phone service providers, and I decided to choose FreedomPop. I definitely did a lot of research before I chose to go with FreedomPop because I couldn’t deny the price of their cell phone service. I didn’t want the free cell phone service because I needed more minutes than what it was offering.

FreedomPop on fortune has a free cell phone service that allows me to have 200 minutes of talk time, but as much as I talk on the phone, 200 minutes wouldn’t be enough for me. I chose the unlimited service, and the service only costs $20 a month. I never knew that any service provider could charge so little for unlimited cell phone service, but FreedomPop is definitely accommodating. I went ahead and decided to buy my cell phone directly from FreedomPop, so I wouldn’t have to worry about unlocking the phone and transferring it over to the network. I loved FreedomPop services from the very first day.

I was able to make tons of phone calls with my FreedomPop cell phone and service, and I had no problems with dropped calls. I sent many text messages the first day, and I used the Internet with no problems. I love the fact that I get 4G LTE speeds with my FreedomPop data, and even when it dropped down to 3G speeds I was still able to stream movies through my cell phone. FreedomPop is probably the best cell phone company I’ve ever joined, and I’ve been with several phone companies. Had my cell phone not been destroyed I never would’ve moved on to a different phone company, and I wouldn’t have found FreedomPop.