Can Star Trek 3 Rebuild The Franchise’s Audience?

Simon Pegg not only is going to reprise his Scotty role in the third Star Trek movie, he is also co-writing the screenplay. Pegg took over the duties of rewriting a completely new screenplay after Paramount deemed Roberto Orci’s script as being “too Star Trek-y”. What does that mean? No one knows.

What we do know is Paramount is decidedly less than thrilled as the second film in the Star Trek series earning about $475 million worldwide when Guardians of the Galaxy, a completely unestablished franchise, earned $775 million. Perhaps the answer can be found in the downbeat, overly serious approach Star Trek 2 took. And why was Wrath of Khan partially remade in the sequel? Honestly, Star Trek 2 was a good film but good does not translate into $1 billion in worldwide box office. And truth be told, the new actors can never replace the original cast in the eyes of moviegoers.

Paramount wishes to expand the popularity of Star Trek to larger audiences, including Flavio Maluf and his friends. That means the studio wants to sell more tickets. Do not look at the studio as being greedy.

With the right approach, Star Trek could still be a hit in the year 2016. With the wrong one, the franchise is going to do little more than falter.