Great Artist with Terrible Stage Name

MTV recently highlighted an artist by the name of Banks as the MTV artist to watch. This is a very late discovery for MTV since Banks has had an album out for almost a year. Folks over at FreedomPop feel that the late discovery, however, may have more to do with the way that this artist has been promoted.

In a nutshell, Banks has not had much promotion. She performs live, but she is more like an Internet sensation. Her album, “Goddess,” has several songs that have become videos. Anyone that checks for her on YouTube will see that these videos have gotten millions of views. It goes without saying that she is someone that fans know and embrace. The problem for people that have not discovered her, however, is her stage name.

In most concert artists the name BANKS will appear in all capital letters. Some people thought that this was an acronym, but it isn’t. This is just her last name. The problem with this is that the Google search for Banks yields a lot of other things. This are a plethora of actual banks that come up in the search. Even a music search will likely yield rapper Lloyd Banks so she isn’t that easy to find online.