Alex Pall Describes How He Got Into Music

The DJ scene is incredibly competitive, with artists competing for airspace – and airtime. Alex Pall is one half of the music duo The Chainsmokers. He tells Interview Magazine what it was like getting into the music business, and where the band is headed next.

The Chainsmokers released their first EP in 2015. Since then, they’ve become known for songs like “Paris” and “Roses,” but it was 2016’s “Closer” that really put the band on the map. This ridiculously catchy song features lyrical nods to the up-and-coming Millenial mindset – “play that Blink-182 song that we beat to death in Tuscon” – and Halsey singing a duet with Andrew Taggart, Alex Pall’s bandmate.

In the interview, Alex Pall says that when he and Andrew Taggart met, it was a very natural fit – they started working together immediately. They both had backgrounds DJing while in college; Alex Pall had majored in art history and music business at New York University, and Andrew Taggart had studied in the Bandier Program at Syracuse University, which combines music and entrepreneurship.

Alex Pall says that once he and Andrew began collaborating, they would work every day, often from 9AM to 7PM, refining their music and learning more about the music industry. Pall admits that he is always growing as a musician, and that creating music people will love and identify with is always the ultimate goal. He and Taggart continue to discuss new album concepts and what can make them even better music artists.

Since “Closer,” The Chainsmokers have only gotten bigger, continuing to refine their sound and image as artists, not just DJs. At the 2017 Grammys, they won their first Grammy for Best Dance Recording, for the song “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya. They also collaborated with Coldplay for the song “Something Just Like This.”

Roc Nation Pondering New Move as Desiree Perez and Jay Z Watch On

Almost a decade ago Jay Z and Live Nation met up and signed a prolific agreement between the two parties. Live Nation would sign Jay Z, and the Roc Nation company, to a ten year contract worth $150 million in total. That gigantic sum of money helped to continue Jay Z’s progressive rise to the top of the hip hop food chain. Now the prolific mogul and legendary producer is looking to see what could potentially come next for his business empire. Live Nation and Jay Z have hit a wall where they each have the opportunity to walk away and pursue better deals. Read related article on

Desiree Perez, a business partner and long time associate of Jay, has been involved with preparing Roc Nation for any potential move. In fact, Perez and Jay Z made a trip to Santa Monica to sit down with the Chairman and CEO over at Universal Music Group. Universal Music Group isn’t publicly pursuing a contract with Jay Z and Live Nation but the writing appears to be on the wall. Lucian Grainge, the aforementioned CEO, knows that bringing Jay Z on board could be a huge deal for both parties — especially with Roc Nations extensive list of artists including Rihanna, Fat Joe, Shakira and Meek Mill.  More of this on

Right now the crossroads for Live Nation and Jay Z seem to center around the recorded music aspect of their contract. Over the past decade we have seen the music industry change in fundamental ways. Live Nation has watched these changes and has decided that they want to get out of buying music. An insider with sources close to Live Nation said, “Live Nation had bought into the artists’ rights and recorded music, but they are not extending any of those relationships.” The same insider went on to point out that Live Nation simply isn’t buying any recorded music at this point in time.

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Meanwhile, UMG and Jay Z could be heating up in the near future. An insider at UMG said, “It would be great to get further into business with him.” The source went on to add that no official talks have yet taken place.

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