George Soros, the founder of Open Society Foundations,is a man with a great history and a reputation that precedes him. He is known to the world as “the man who broke the Bank of England”. This was a title he earned after he made a speculation on a single currency and gained $1 billion in a day while he had stood to lose $10 billion.

Soros is more than just an investment mogul. He is known as the Chairman of the Open Society Foundations. He founded this network of partners and projects back in 1979 based on his dream of an open society. Soros was convinced that society ought to be open such that it respected the rights of every individual member and ensured no single individual had a monopoly of the truth. An open society was also one where the government was held accountable by the people. Soros worked hard to build such a society through his foundations.

Soros’ story begins in Budapest, Hungary on August 12, 1930. When he was only 13 years old, the Nazi Germany occupied his home country and barred all Jewish children, like Soros, from attending school. In 1945, he survived the Battle of Budapest and went on to join the London School of Economics in 1947. He graduated in 1951 with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and earned his Ph.D. 3 years later at the same institution.

Soros managed to secure a few jobs before moving to the United States. A few years in, he quit his job and started his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. As the chairman, Soros was able to run the fund successfully and within two decades, it ranked among the world’s top hedge funds. Soros, however, desired to focus his time and money elsewhere and thus stepped back from the daily management of the fund. He chose to focus on philanthropic ventures as well as political activism.

Soros managed to impact the lives of millions of people around the globe through the Open Society Foundations. He was able to weaken Communism in the Eastern Bloc, supported cultural exchange with the West and even provided support for independent organizations including the European Council on Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Group, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

His passion for political activism also inspired him to come up with a solution for the asylum chaos affecting the European states. He is also involved in current lawsuits that attack diverse measures within the election process that the Democrats feel are restricting voter access. Soros proudly associates himself with this lawsuit which he sees as a means to get rid of unfair laws that often disproportionately affect society’s most vulnerable people – the minorities, the poor and the young.

Soros is a philanthropic man with great political views that have gained worldwide acclamation for their accuracy, effectiveness and pragmatism. He has given back to his society by standing up against controversial issues that affect society as a whole. He is a pillar of success and a role model to many young entrepreneurs the world over.