Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in London and educated at several prestigious universities in Great Britain. In 1989, Taub moved to Isreal. While living there, he served in the Isreal Defence Forces, worked for the Isreali Foreign Ministry, and he held the position of the Isreali Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub returned to Isreal after his term of Ambassador had ended. It was after his return, that he had some insight on Isreal’s path to peace.

One of his big issues as the Ambassador is he felt there was a constant push to apply pressure to the Israelites to obtain peace in their own country. To an outsider, it looked as if they were losing interest in finding peace. However, this could not be further from the truth. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/09/israeli-ambassador-daniel-taub-un-agencies-are-effectively-supporting-palestinian-child-abuse/ and http://www.embassymagazine.com/biog/biog_countries/biog_emb37_israel.html

According to Daniel Taub, it is not that the people of Isreal do not want peace. Instead, they would like the other governments who have come in and made promises to fulfill them.

They allowed the UN Peacemakers to come in, but the peacemakers have not been able to live up to their end of the deal. Weapons are still getting into the wrong hands. The Hezbollah are still armed and creating problems in the north region of Isreal.

Hamas are still armed and ready to fight in Gaza. It is hard to dream of peace when safety is still a big issue. The reconstruction of Gaza is another problem for Isreal. They have done their share to provide money and aid to the process, but the outsiders who promised money have yet to meet their obligations.

It is hard to think about peace when you are concerned that a deserted West Bank is going to be the home of the next terrorist group. Isreal is always in a state of influx. Not only do they need to change their way of thinking of what peace may look like.

States that have never considered working together may need to do that in the name of peace. Those from the outside looking in also need to understand that the Israelis and Palentines do not exist in a snowglobe. There are many circumstances to their situation and pressuring them to get along will not solve the problem.

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