Pet Owers Are Willing To Pay For Quality

A new article trending on Twitter that was released by “The Daily Herald” showed that people are becoming increasingly particular about what they feed their animals. Gone are the days of dog food filled with by-products that cannot be distinguished from slop. Now, people want things that are exploding with flavor. They want something that tastes like Thanksgiving Dinner for their pets. The trends show that it is working and people are willing to pay more, just as long as they get more for their beloved pets. From plants in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to the Nestle Purina industry in St. Louis, dog food companies are producing what the people want. Beneful has been one of the companies that has jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to nutrition. They are offering many things that just wasn’t available more than 15 years ago. Since the pet food industry nearly a $24 million dollar market, it pays to be proactive in this game. Beneful uses 100 percent quality types of meat. There’s no junk in their bags of food. For those who want that holiday dinner for their dogs year round, the custom containers of home-style meals are sure to please. It’s true, Beneful makes a high-quality dog food. It’s a brand that many people can identify with. They know that it is superior in both taste and appearance, and their dogs can’t get enough. The stories of how dogs with picky taste buds and sicknesses have been helped by the amazing Nestle line are countless. Their goal is to put something on the line that is as good as what is put on the dinner table. After all, isn’t that why so many animals prefer table scraps? Who could blame them? Table scraps taste better and most of the time involve real meat. Yes, the industry has changed. Gone are the days when pet parents didn’t care what they fed their animal as long as it was cheap. Today’s pet lovers are concerned about the food they give them and want to ensure its quality, even if that quality costs them $5-$15 more per bag.