What’s the deal with Tidal?

Business is judged from its profitability. Then you can comfortably gauge the going concern of the organization. When faced with tough situations, however, shareholders have to make decisions that relate to the financial state of the firm. Tidal, one of the major leading streaming companies has recently held talks with the Samsung, a major electronics company. It has been rumored of its financial difficulties such that Jay-Z had to use his money to settle bills. The major in past, Samsung had partnered with Jay-Z in the launch of Holy Grail in 2013 and Rihanna’s launch of ANTI last month. The company has previously had ties and hence it will not be the first time they do business. The news comes after a call by Kanye West for Tidal to end wrangles with Apple, one of their greatest competitors, not to mention that Apple and Spotify had eyes on Tidal as well. The move comes after the Tidal failed to get new subscriptions with new releases from Rihanna, Kanye, and Beyoncé’. Could be a tough decision but they will eventually have to make it.

If the deal has to push through or whatever they decide, Desiree Perez will have a significant role to play in it. She has played a part in Tidal’s major decision e.g. the two major involvement of Samsung with Jay-z and Rihanna; she had a significant role in their success, and the negotiation, therefore, will be quite successful with her presence. It will be no exception to others given she is a brilliant negotiator. Being experienced in the field as well, she makes the perfect person negotiate any deal. She is a dedicated person and will not let anyone step on her toes no matter what. Tidal has had the best team players, but it needs a new home. Let’s trust it will get the best.

You ought to know when to hold on and when to let go. Marketing and gauging the effectiveness of one’s position is vital in every business. The success of it lies not only on the company but all stakeholders. Tidal had led and left a mark in the entertainment industry, that why it gained a lot of competition from other firms. However, in all the circumstances it has managed to stand tall to be counted among the others, but more so being a leader. However, until it’s decided and it’s agreed upon, let’s enjoy the music as we always have.