Innovating Search

The old way of searching is long gone. It is time to introduce a visual search. According to an article by Campaign Asian-Pacific, there are many benefits of a visual search compared to the outdated text search. In an age of growing technology, it tells of how retailers, consumers, and brands are gradually changing in a social environment. This article specifically discusses the benefits of aligning consumer and retailers needs with a new way of searching.

An example of one of the businesses introducing image recognition is Slyce. It is a business that thrives to meet the consumers as well as retailers needs. The co-founder, Cameron Chell, is a serial entrepreneur, who believes in innovating the internet. Part of Slyce’s goal is to activate the customer’s mobile cameras with Slyce’s image recognition technology, according to Slyce’s website. This company introduces a new and innovative way to searching for products.

The way Slyce works is that a consumer takes a picture of a barcode of a certain product, then Slyce analyzes it, compares it with photo of a billboard or printed material, and finally, is analyzed with dozens of similar attributes to the original photo. Slyce then returns similar products from your catalog. This information is part of their website, helping the customer make shopping more convenient and accessible. Their website also explains, in more detail, how their technology works in a technology-driven society. Also part of Slyce’s innovative technology is their app, Scout. It is an app designed to help people save funds by providing the best deals. As one of the leading companies in visual search, Slyce proves it is one of the most reliable and innovative in providing consumers with visual search.

By understanding Slyce and the need for a visual search, Campaign Asian-Pacific’s article presents 5 reasons to why visual search is becoming more relevant in an age of technology. Some of the reasons are based on how shopping is based on content as well as well as the consumers intelligence. Other reasons address the challenges of visual searching, the need for video content, and how publishers and content owners can also be part of the growing industry of visual search. This article shows the growing need for a visual search that would greatly benefit consumers and retailers. It addresses the benefit of visual search in an age where everyone needs it.