Sergio Cortes Is The Second King Of Pop

Everyone loves Michael Jackson, which is why his death in 2009 left millions of fans heartbroken. His voice and his dancing were considered magical by the people who were captivated by his allure. In the case of Sergio Cortes, a Spanish man who was born in Barcelona, many recognize him for his talents when it comes to imitating Michael Jackson. For Sergio, listening to the songs of his idol is not enough, but he felt the need to take it to a whole new level by recreating Michael’s songs and dance numbers. Currently, Sergio has earned himself the title of the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world.

Sergio began his career of impersonating Michael as early as his teenage years, but it was only when he rendered a tribute to Michael in Madrid that the spotlight truly focused on him. Normally, impersonators are seen as jokes and are hated by the fans, but Sergio’s case is completely different. The fans of the real King of Pop welcomed him wholeheartedly. The reason behind this is because Sergio is the spitting image of Michael Jackson. One look at him and you would think that either they are twins, or Michael rose from the grave to dance the “Thriller” one last time.

Everyone can have plastic surgery to look like anyone they choose, but what makes Sergio special is the fact that he looks like Michael, and he also sings and dances like him. Watching Sergio perform can really make a Michael Jackson fan believe that MJ himself is the one in front of them. The way he jerks his neck, and the way his feet sways during his performances looks exactly like how MJ does it, not to mention that his voice has an uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson’s. Overall, Sergio has truly mastered every bit of MJ’s mannerisms on stage, both in dancing and in singing.

More than an impersonator, Sergio Cortes definitely is the reincarnation of Michael Jackson. This is true in the hearts of millions of fans of MJ, who were heartbroken at the news of his death but found comfort in Sergio’s impersonations of Michael. Yes, Michael Jackson was crowned as the King of Pop, and after his death it seemed that Sergio inherited the throne to continue MJ’s legacy as the second King of Pop. Over the years, Sergio has performed numerous MJ classics, such as “Thriller” or “Smooth Criminal, and everyone can count on Sergio Cortes recreating the Michael Jackson experience for every fan around the world to enjoy.

MJ Impersonator Honors The Jackson Legacy

When it comes to MJ imitators there are a lot of people in the Michael Jackson entertainment industry. He was a prolific entertainer that has had a lot of hits during his reign, and all of his hits has made him one of the best performers to duplicate. There is a wide range of Michael Jackson footage that is available for anyone that desires to study him. Sergio Cortes has studied Jackson relentlessly and become one of the masters when it comes to the imitation of the king of pop. Fans have been able to respect what he is doing and this has made him one of the people that MJ fans consider to be buzz worthy. He has definitely been able to surpass many of the other MJ imitators that are not known to the general public. It’s a big compliment for Sergio Cortes because he doesn’t even live in the United States. There are people in America that see his work that have never been to any of his tours.

Most people that discover him are discovering him through the Internet. Many of these people are actually surprised to learn that he is able to become a full-time Michael Jackson impersonator that is able to go on tour. What this instantly tells fans is that there is a high caliber of quality to the shows. The quality is so great that Sergio Cortes would be able to become a person that is able to build an entire career on doing something he loves. He is obviously a huge fan of Jackson because he continues to perfect his shows and build a legacy that reminds people of the time where Jackson dominated the pop entertainment industry. Many people may even say that Michael Jackson was global icon. What Sergio Cortes does is take fans back to that time where Jackson was able to provide world-class entertainment. He has the ability to build himself as one of the best when it comes to impersonating Jackson.

He has been able to go very far as someone that is dedicated to this craft. When it comes to impersonating an artist there are not a lot of people that put in the time and dedication than Sergio Cortes has put in. That is what allows him to remain trending in the social media world with MJ fans that love these remarkable tribute shows.

Sergio Proves Himself As A Prolific MJ Impersonator

Michael Jackson impersonators come and go. Over the years since the death of Jackson many people have seen different Michael Jackson tribute shows. There have been imitators for certain songs that provide a temporary flashback to a certain period in time. The reality, however, is that many of these people are not full-time Jackson impersonators. Many of them are simply doing this as a part-time job. A lot of them are not able to carry this outside of their local boundaries. That is what makes Sergio Cortes one of the better imitators in the world of MJ tribute shows. Sergio has perfected his craft and made a living doing so. The fans that are witnessing his rise in the world as a Michael Jackson impersonator are saying that he deserves all the credit he gets for pulling out the type of spectacular shows that he creates.

Michael Jackson created a very complex world. He was a man that evolved over the years and continued to present a high caliber of high energy shows. It can be quite a daunting task for anyone to try to duplicate something that Jackson created when he was alive. He was such a perfectionist on so many levels. He often had full length videos that were offered up as mini movies. This is what Sergio Cortes has been able to study over the years. He has become a perfectionist and put it in what Michael Jackson brought to the stage because he knows how to study his idol. He has been able to provide fans with a very accurate representation of what a Michael Jackson tour must have look like. Those fans that were not fortunate enough to see Jackson perform when he was alive would certainly be thrilled to see what someone like Sergio Cortes has been able to do.

He is certainly one of the most talked about impersonators when it comes to preserving the Jackson legacy. Many people that are performing as Michael Jackson are simply in this business for the money. Sergio Cortes is able to make a living but he appears to have a much greater interest in building up a show that is entertaining. He wants provide the type of entertainment that would have made Michael Jackson proud. Sergio Cortes is all about respecting the King of Pop and all the great hits that Michael Jackson gave his fans.

South American Sensation , Sergio Cortes, Brings His Michael Jackson Impersonation To The States

It’s no wonder, after watching his YouTube videos that United States fans are demanding that this pop impersonation sensation bring his act overseas. Born and raised in Barcelona, Sergio Cortes may very well be Michael Jackson’s lost long twin. Cortes, who was a soccer celebrity, says that people will stop dead in their tracks when they see him and stare for hours. This Michael Jackson clone has been blowing up South American stages for over ten years. His agent has confirmed the rumors that he is not necessarily leaving South America, however, he wants to tour the world. “We have always anticipated this would happen. Sergio sounds and looks just like Michael and this country cannot hide him from the world any longer.”
Sergio is not only hitting Michael’s high notes, he has all of his moves down solid. His videos have over 1 billion views and that number is sure to keep rising. “You watch his videos over and over because you think you are actually watching Michael Jackson.” On stage he performs Thriller with many of the moves seen in the original video, however he has taken the routine to a whole other level. Cortes has been rumored to train for 3-4 hours a day and he rarely takes a day off. His level of dedication can be easily detected, especially if you watch a Michael Jackson video and then watch one of Cortes’, the resemblance is uncanny.
Cortes is quick to point out that his remarkable resemblance is 100% genetics. “I have looked like Michael since I was a kid. Once I began dressing like him and styling my hair like him, I realized that I could get away with saying that I was him.” Cortes’ family has said that he would spend hours in his room dancing and singing. It was his cousin, who made a video of Cortes doing his Smooth Criminal routine that helped jumped start his illustrious career. “I thought we were just goofing around and when I got a call from a man who said that he wanted to represent me, we just started jumping around and were very excited.”
Check out Sergio Cortes’ many amazing YouTube videos and see if you can tell the difference. He and his manager are betting that you can’t and fortunately for Sergio and his team, that bet is paying off.