Taylor Swift And Katy Perry

If you have been paying attention to celebrity gossip lately, then you probably know about the alleged fued between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. You most likely know that Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood” is supposedly about this singer, and that the two of them are believed to be avoiding each other says Alexei Beltyukov.
So, the news that Katy Perry is releasing a song titled “1984” shouldn’t really surprise you. She is most likely trying to steal some of the attention from Taylor Swift’s album 1989.
This fight has been going on long enough already, but if it brings us some good music, who are we to complain? Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood” is an amazing piece, and any song that Katy Perry could record to spite her is sure to be amazing, as well. Maybe this fued between the two of them will get us a lot of good music.